Increase your profits with better customer retention

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Analyze thoroughly, yet easily

A specific type of cohort analysis useful for seeing how often and how fast customers return to take certain actions (e.g. purchase).

Rows contain the cohort of users who have taken the specified action in the given periods, while columns contain the subset of those users who have taken another specified action 0-N periods later.

Analyze thoroughly, yet easily
Why retention matters

Why retention matters

It is one of the most important business performance indicators. It is in your best interest to continuously improve user retention and monitor in on daily or weekly basis.

Three most important steps to watch. Firstly, retention/ engagement of new visitors, then conversion from visitor to buyer and finally to the retention of buyers.

Retention provides fantastic insights about impact of changes in your product and impact of major marketing campaigns.

Quote from Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce at Ebuyer
"“Exponea’s powerful communications platform and predictive analytics capabilities were the perfect fit for our business and will enable us to deliver personalised and high-quality experiences to all our customers.”"
Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce at Ebuyer

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Discover the three types of retention

Exponea comes with three different types of retention definition: survival, exact and saturation.

Survival is especially suitable for businesses selling; exact for those in high-frequency sales; and saturation for once-in-a-lifetime sales.

There are many other intriguing questions that retention analysis can answer with ease.

Discover the three types of retention
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Cohorts in rows and columns can be configured to summarize users by days, weeks, months

There is more

Cohorts in rows and columns can be configured to summarize users by days, weeks, months. Cohorts can be merged and only specified cohorts displayed (e.g. 1st, 7th and 28th day only).

Click on a row to plot a chart with retention for the row. The same applies to columns. The well-known “survival analysis”.

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Zoot is a major player among European e-commerce fashion websites

20.13% conversion rate growth

Zoot is a major player among European e-commerce fashion websites

European subsidiary of a top 5 global telco firm
Telco operator

126% improvement in online sales

European subsidiary of a top 5 global telco firm

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