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Exponea is a Customer Data & Experience Platform

Exponea collects, analyzes, and activates customer data in real‑time through multiple channels. It enables e‑commerce businesses to understand customer behavior and immediately launch personalized campaigns for each individual customer through their preferred channels, at scale.

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How Exponea
Skyrockets the
of Shopify

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Understand your
Shopify data

Connect all your Shopify data and build a unified source of customer intelligence. Once integrated, Exponea tracks every customer interaction in real‑time and constantly updates the single customer view with everything your customers do.

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Go beyond out‑of‑the‑box
reports with custom analytics

The moment customer data is captured and stored in the unified single customer view, you can approach the data from your unique perspective thanks to our highly customizable analytics. Understand e‑commerce metrics like time between purchases, customer lifetime value, RFM, and use this data as the basis for your marketing campaigns.

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Launch personalized
omni‑channel campaigns
that make sense

Some customers love emails with a personalized selection of products. Others enjoy shopping suggestions directly on your site. Exponea enables you to understand customer preferences and immediately launch customer‑specific campaigns through a variety of built‑in channels (web, email, web/mobile push, SMS, retargeting).

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Level up your marketing
with powerful use cases

Have you heard of predictive retargeting or product size recommendations? This is just a tiny bit of what Exponea is capable of, thanks to our AI‑powered capabilities. Differentiate your Shopify store by using the latest technology to personalize your marketing communication.

Manage all your
marketing from
a single place

How easy is it to integrate
Shopify with Exponea?


Shopify Use‑Cases

Learn how you can extract valuable insights from your Shopify data and engage your customers through multiple channels. Check out some of our selected use cases.

implementation ≤ 1 day

Fast Time‑to‑Value Use Cases

Re‑engage your customers
with an Abandoned cart
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Launch time‑limited campaigns
on the web with a Countdown banner
Show more
Boost conversion
by personalized Web experiences
Show more
Create a sense of urgency
through a View count banner
Show more
Collect valuable insights
on customer experience
by sending an NPS survey
Show more
Take your last chance to engage
your customers before they are gone
with an Exit pop‑up
Show more
Show your customers a bit of love
Show your customers a bit of love by
celebrating their First purchase anniversary
Show more
Discover how many customers
stay with you after their first purchase
with Cohort analysis
Show more
Understand the value
each individual customer brings to
your business with an RFM analysis
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Implementation 1 week - 1 month

Advanced Capabilities - Become an E‑commerce Leader

Customer Real‑Time Predictions
Use predefined predictions templates to create the most popular predictions (email open, purchase, churn, optimum email time, in session prediction) with just a few clicks. Or build your own custom predictions, like next best channel, and enable innovative use cases like predictive retargeting and many more.
Example use cases

Predictive retargeting
Combine the probability of purchase with the probability of interaction with retargeting. This powerful approach will help you narrow your retargeting efforts to the most valuable and engaged customers. This will result in increased revenue and decreased retargeting spend.

Prediction based
Website Personalization
Personalize your website with the help of predictive analytics. Find the customers with the highest probability to convert and target them with personalized content on the website. Move this use case one step further and combine the prediction to purchase with the average order value, and display personalized weblayers with recommended products that take the customer’s budget into consideration.

Email Deliverability
Increase email open rates. Thanks to an AI‑powered algorithm, you can determine the ideal distribution time for each user based on their email opening habits, and reach them at this optimal hour. This will improve your email engagement, but again, to maximize the impact, you can move this use‑case a step further by combining the optimal email time with the prediction of email open and purchase.

Product Recommendations
We offer 11 recommendation templates to suit every purpose, plus the possibility to create custom recommendations that will match your unique business requirements.
Example use cases

Email with personalized
selection of products
Boost your email engagement by sending a personalized selection of products based on purchasing and browsing history, including real-time customer interactions in the current session. Combine this approach with predictions to ensure that you deliver the email at the most optimal time, and target only the customers with the highest probability of email open and purchase.

on hover over the checkout
button in the cart
Upsell your customers. Show your customers complementary products other customers with similar preferences tend to like, and let them easily update their shopping cart with products they would probably buy next time, thus saving their time and money.

for Category Page
This recommendation model recommends products from a specific category or categories ranked by customer preferences. This powerful approach will recommend a personalized mix of products based on customer behavior, where the age of the product, the number of views and sales are also considered.

This is just a small demonstration of what you can achieve when you combine your Shopify store with Exponea.

Thanks to the unique combination of customer data platform, analytics, campaign execution and AI capabilities, the days of looking for more and more solutions to improve your business are over.

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01. How long does it take to integrate Shopify?

Backend integration - 2 minutes. Frontend integration - 1 hour.

02. How long does it take to launch my first campaign?

Simple campaigns (emails, web experiments, weblayers, etc.) can be launched immediately after the integration. More advanced use‑cases may take from 1 week to 1 month, based on the required volume of data (e.g. predictions)

03. What data are tracked by Exponea?

Exponea tracks all back‑end and front‑end data.

You have everything you need to differentiate your brand, all it takes is a platform that will make it happen.

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Transform Your Shopify Data to Loyal Customers with Exponea and Outsmart the Competition with Data‑Driven Loyalty

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