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Webhook Speed Limits

February 14, 2019

Why: Webhook is a common option for integration with 3rd party services in Exponea. The 3rd party services might have throughput limitations. If the maximum number of parallel requests is exceeded, your system may slow down or stop working. Make sure that you don’t exceed these limitations with Webhook Speed Limits.


The throughput of Webhooks depends on two factors:
1) The speed of your service and its response time to Webhook request
2) The number of parallel requests that Exponea creates to your service


How it works: With Webhook Speed Limits you can manage the number of processing jobs on the Exponea side. Once you set the maximum number of processing jobs you can estimate the throughput by hitting the Test button when Exponea creates a small number of requests. The estimated throughput is calculated as the metric requests/second and requests/minute.

Please note that the number of processing jobs is different for each instance and ranges between 1-15.

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