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Exponea BigQuery

Exponea BigQuery (new module live)

May 30, 2019

Exponea BigQuery (new module live)

For some time, we have been working on a new module some of you may know under the working name Long-Term Data Storage. Finally, the new module is ready. Let us introduce Exponea BigQuery.

Exponea BigQuery is a petabyte-scale data storage in Google BigQueryIt provides a flexible, secure, and scalable infrastructure to house your data in an Exponea-like structure. Frequent data updates ensure that your data is always available on-demand for custom analytics using your own BI tools or direct SQL access via BigQuery console. The scalable design can easily handle the increased needs of your growing business. Exponea BigQuery ensures first-class care of all the technical and security aspects connected with your data storage.




Highly scalable infrastructure will always meet your demands

Exponea-like data structure makes it easy to understand your data in 3rd party tools

Advanced security and threat detection

Custom data retention – store your data as long as you need to

Access management – admin/editor/viewer – distribute access rights across your teams

Usage-based pricing – packages based on expected volume of stored and processed data

Easily work with your data using Google BigQuery and 3rd party applications

Optimized data storage cost in Exponea


How we help


Use your data for anything you need

All your data stored in the Exponea BigQuery is updated on a regular basis and accessible on demand. Now you can connect your preferred BI tools to work with your BigQuery data or import the data into your in-house systems.

Storage that grows with your business

Let your data grow hand-in-hand with your business. Define custom periods for data retention based on your business needs and legal requirements. Highly scalable infrastructure takes care of your ever-changing data storing demands.

Have all your data under control

Exponea BigQuery records and stores any changes to your data to ensure transparency and control. Now you can store all the data you need and immediately restore any data subjected to accidental expiration or unwanted modification.

Protect your most valuable assets

Advanced threat detection mechanisms detect any possible risks to ensure a durable and threat-resistant environment for your data. Have all your data securely stored, encrypted, and smartly distributed to prevent data leaks, damage, or loss. Multiple layers of encryption ensure that your data is safely stored and backed up to minimize any potential risks.

Read more in our documentation.

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