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Exponea’s Customer Data
and Experience Platform (CDXP)
Exponea as an
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was perfectly suited
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Discover the Next Step in E‑Commerce

Exponea’s Customer Data and Experience Platform (CDXP) is the pinnacle of customer‑centric solutions. A full suite of tools and possibilities enable previously impossible use cases, with faster implementation and massively improved impact.


Industry‑leading CDP enabling an actionable Single Customer View


Real‑time predictions and recommendations across the whole platform


Complete email service platform with real‑time triggering, A/B testing, ‑ multi‑language support – plus other channels


1:1 personalization on‑site via experiments, weblayers, messaging, and more

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Real people. Real reviews.

Exponea is the

Independent review site G2Crowd named Exponea’s CDXP the no. 1 market leader in the CDP category.

Impossible use cases become
a reality with Exponea’s CDXP.

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The unique combination of customer data platform with omnichannel capabilities, AI‑driven predictions and recommendations, on‑site personalization, and proprietary database technology – all built from scratch – creates new possibilities.
A/B Testing is Dead.

Don’t kill a low‑performing message. Find the right customer for it instead. Contextual multi‑armed bandit testing delivers the right variant to the right customer – achieving results above the control group for each of them.

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in the Right Size

Stop frustrating customers by showing them products they can’t buy. Recommend products in their size and watch revenues grow.

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Distraction‑Free Web Personalization

The unmatched speed and performance of our CDXP means customers get a silky‑smooth web experience – even when it’s personalized just for them. The in‑memory framework of Exponea’s CDXP enables on‑site personalization for each customer before the page loads, delivering a non‑flickering experience and decreasing bounce rates.

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