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Exponea Core
Exponea Core

Build Single Customers View for cross‑device data tracking, ad‑hoc analytics and dashboarding.

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Campaign Optimizer
Campaign Optimizer

Execute your acquisition & off site based campaigns with fully personalized messaging.

Experience Optimizer
Experience Optimizer

Create on‑site AI powered shopper experience. Use A/B testing of personalized web elements.

Inventory Optimizer
Inventory Optimizer BETA

Improve your inventory stocks thanks to product sales forecasting and discount management.

Explore all modules
Explore all modules

Need more? You can simply explore all modules.

Exponea Core

Email Management Platform

Email campaigns designer. Send and evaluate optimized email campaigns with dynamic content. Recommend products reflecting preferences of your customers. Get a quote.

Omni‑Channel Orchestration

Omni‑channel customer journey designer. Create customized cross-channel communication with your customers. Easily design, execute, and evaluate digital campaigns across multiple channels. Get a quote.

Ad Tech

Ads management platform. Have a total overview and control of your ad campaigns across multiple providers. Easily compare the performance of all your online advertising without the need to access the information individually. Get a quote.

Product Recommendations

Recommendation platform utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning. Maximize product discovery, increase conversion and generation of personalized content. Get a quote.

Real‑Time Predictions

Predictive analytics tool for customer behavior modeling. Forsee customers' next step with the help of machine learning techniques. Use predictions to power your marketing campaigns to maximize customer satisfaction and profits. Get a quote.

Web Optimization and A/B Testing

Full‑stack web optimization and A/B testing solution. All the tools you need to deliver a personalized experience - Visual Transformation, Web Personalization, and Recommendations. Get a quote.

Advanced Weblayers

Real‑time web campaigns composer. Use customer behavior to display 1:1 personalized campaigns with the right audience at the right time. Easily create an interactive dialogue with your customers. Get a quote.

Long‑Term Data Storage

Long‑term storage of your data. Have your data securely stored and instantly accessible from anywhere. Get a quote.

3rd Party Integrations & Extensions

Native integration with the best of breeds tools. Get a quote.

Attribution Model

Omni‑channel attribution model enabling you to objectively assess the ROI of your marketing. Measure your marketing campaigns effectively and accurately. Get a quote.

Product Performance Reporting

Product Sales Forecasting

Campaign Automation

Clearance Discount Management

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Exponea reviews

With Exponea we can do what we talked about for a long time
Exponea is super easy to use by business people - I mean those who don't have IT background. This is critically important because you either have business guy who is not able to write requests and code or you have an IT guy whose business sense is limited. Using Exponea is cheaper and quicker than finding a guy combining both characteristics. Read the full review (G2Crowd)
Adam L., Reviewed On September 13, 2017
Great tool that allows our marketing team to be independent
Exponea connects multiple online marketing tools into a single instrument, thus allowing us to be independent of a data department and other analytics tools. We simply need a graphic designer and marketer who are able to send custom emails, assign credits with scenarios, or create complex reactivation campaigns based on data. Read the full review (G2Crowd)
Silvia R., Reviewed on December 8, 2017
Great Marketing automation tool with the machine learning features directly included in product
How easy was to integrate Exponea Solution with our company software and data, but the most exciting part was the marketing automation capabilities of the product. From campaigns management, to web layers and the surrounding machine learning features that range from recommendation to prediction engine. Read the full review (G2Crowd)
Viktor C., Updated On December 7, 2017

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