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Speeding up

No two days are the same in your business. You want results and you want them yesterday.

Proof of Concept

100M events



Your ambition contains two words: Fortune and 500. The sooner you get there the merrier.

Proof of Concept

300M events


Touching the stars

You are a mature enterprise. When there is a chance to overcome your competitors, you go for it.

Required Proof of Concept
Optionally on-site.

300M-10bn events


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Lacking the manpower to execute your marketing visions? Let us step in

Proof of concept

This is the very first step. We take care of the initial integration. Less than an hour of your IT's time is all we need. Then let's track, analyze and give meaning to your customer data so you know what further steps to take. We also help you execute these steps and make sure your team is familiar with our platform.


Exponea gives you the tool and the brainpower. Discuss complex use cases with our consultants or even fully outsource your data analytics to them. Should you decide to keep going after the proof of concept, they are always at your disposal.

Tech support

Experiencing issues with data import, analysis creation of anything else? Our delivery experts are here to help you with all tech or business related questions you might have. Depending on your plan you get up to 20 hours worth of tech support per month.

Trainings & workshops

Need to understand a specific topic better? Up for a joint problem-solving workshop? Let's delve into it during a tailor-made session. We also make sure your whole team is on board and fully understands our platform.

Custom coding / Newsletters & Web layers

Need help with creating custom designs of your newsletters and web layers? We will turn your graphic designs into HTML, CSS or ideas to Javascript under the watchful eye of our business experts to ensure superior performance.

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9 reasons to stop looking elsewhere

We built Exponea around you and your customers. This is what you start getting from day one


See value in 2 weeks

Why wait? The initial integration of Exponea takes just a few minutes. Our consultants then delve into your data, find actionable insights and deliver the first results in just a few weeks.


Cover the entire journey

It all begins with the customer's first visit and ends with their repeated purchases. Eager to know what happens in between? Get powerful customer insights and act upon them straight away, effortlessly and effectively.


Truly customer-centric

What matters is each and every one of your customers. So, instead of giving you just brief overviews of your audience, Exponea delivers everything you need for one-to-one marketing.


Enjoy a fully-equipped tool

E-commerce businesses typically need as many as 12 separate tools to deal with tracking data, building audiences, sending emails etc. Then, there's Exponea that integrates everything into one interface. We call it the Direct Execution Ecosystem.


Build cross-channel campaigns

Reach your customers in the right place at the right time. Exponea is a truly multi-channel platform, where the only limit is one's imagination.


Bury the hatchet

Exponea is a peacemaker between you and your IT. Once the integration is done, it's between you and us. Let's focus on your marketing goals and let your IT focus on theirs.


Get the whole company on board

Exponea makes it easy for departments to work together. Get insights, decide about experiments and celebrate successes and new learnings together.


Boundaries? No, thanks

There's no such thing as two identical businesses. Exponea is ready for it, allowing everyone to dig as deep as they need and evolving by itself based on how you've been using it.


Get value or money back

If you're not happy with what we deliver after two months, just say the word and we'll refund you.