DevOps Engineer


DevOps Engineer

– scaling for big data

calendarStart ASAP
contractFulltime / Contract
wallet2000 - 5000 EUR / mo + stock options
location-pinBratislava, Slovakia
  • Would you like to manage a platform that uses hundreds of servers, using several TB of RAM?
  • Would working with a platform that handles thousands of requests per second stores billions of records be a challenge for you?


Become an integral member of a global team building a world-class full-stack marketing cloud. Participate in a 3.0 architecture, and maintain and scale the fastest marketing cloud for smooth operation.


Exponea is an internationally successful online platform for deep analysis and marketing campaign automation. We have been working with global leaders (e.g., Zoot, Sygic, and other leading companies (T-Mobile, BMW) improve business results based on customer data analysis. As the number of satisfied customers grows, our DevOps team follows suit.


Exponea is a large system that keeps growing and moving forward. We are looking for new DevOps Engineers to help us maintain and improve the system so it can grow much further without our customers noticing any hiccups.



The Overall Exponea architecture is inspired by Lambda architecture. For data ingestion we use an asynchronous API with basic input validation. All such events are put into Kafka for further data processing. We use several data storages for specific use cases such as MongoDB (copy of most of our data), Redis (cache, fast access, unstructured), MapR (long term archival, data science) and RabbitMQ (campaign workers). For several use cases we provide real time analysis API that triggers computation or data retrieval from our proprietary in-memory analytics engine.


Our Head of Engineering Martin Strýček, spoke about “Lambda architecture applied at Exponea” at WebElement #37 

Our cloud solution is deployed on bare metal in Hetzner (DE) datacenter. For several clients we also have private instances, deployed on bare metal, AWS and Google Cloud.  We use AWS for development environment virtualization. At this moment, we are opening markets in Asia and Russia, and we will deploy our solution there in response to strong need for data protection.


Do you want to take part in building our world-class tool right out of Bratislava? Let us know!

Main goals of the DevOps Engineer role:

  • Active participation in developing Exponea through almost all development phases.
  • Deploying apps to production and improving the necessary processes involved.
  • Proposing system changes for increased stability and scalability.
  • Improving development processes to facilitate testing and deploying code to production.
  • Monitoring Exponea so we can quickly identify issues if and when they happen.
  • Resolving urgent issues in production, and once ready to do so, being available on-call.
  • Maintaining our servers and virtual machines.

What you’ll like about the role:

  • You will maintain and scale the fastest marketing cloud for smooth operation.
  • You will participate in developing a unique product that many consider world-class (see the  Best Marketing Automation Software benchmark).
  • You will see the impact of your collaboration with our team of developers immediately, giving you evidence that your work makes sense.
  • We are active in professional circles, and support professional development.
  • We will support you in becoming known, including by publishing your texts and speaking at conferences.
  • You will gather valuable know-how for your own business. Our CEO Peter Irikovský’s goal is, in the PayPal Mafia fashion (video), to support our people in starting their own successful businesses. Easier done with the money and know-how you will have obtained here.
  • You will work as a team with experienced colleagues who joined Exponea from companies including:
    • Red Hat (Lukáš Fryč will share what he learnt among the developers of open source systems)  
    • Piano (Maťo Strýček will tell you anything about payment gateways for big media servers)
    • WebSupport (you’ll learn technical details from Slovak leaders in the domain and hosting business).

What we expect of you:

  • Familiarity with the basics of Linux server administration.
  • General experience of the full web app development cycle (designing, building, testing, deploying, fixing).
  • Experience of operating highly-available services.
  • Experience of at least one server configuration tool.
  • Good command of English for daily written and oral communication with colleagues all over the world.


What we’ll consider an asset:

  • Knowledge of Ansible, ideally on larger-scale projects.
  • Programming in Python, C++ or Go. The more coding experience, the better.
  • Experience of some of the technologies we use: MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, Elasticsearch, Hadoop, MapR.
  • Experience of monitoring tools: Zabbix, Grafana, Logstash, Telegraf, InfluxDB.
  • Ability to systematically address issues even in less than ideal situations.


If you are eager to grow, but lack the requested experience, let us know. We are also looking for Junior DevOps Engineers.


Our way of working:

Quick iterations, MVPs, improvements on the go. Technologies are evolving as we speak in our field. If you enjoy building new things and learning on the go, you will like it here. You will also be able to leave a mark on our product.

More things you’ll like about Exponea:

  • A great deal of freedom and trust. At Exponea we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. We are interested in results from day one. The freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.
  • Chance to co-own the company through our employee share program.
  • Flexible working hours. Remote work and home office are possible.
  • Being rewarded based on your commitment and capabilities.
  • An easy-to-access downtown office with amenities in Bratislava. Check out our offices in the hypermodern Twin City complex:
  • An array of fringe benefits including hardware, books, gym and English classes.
  • Friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.


Get a glimpse of life at Exponea and meet your future colleagues in Bratislava (Facebook Page Exponea Society – Bratislava), Prague (Exponea Society – Prague) as well as London, Moscow, Palo Alto and Melbourne (Exponea Society – Global).

About us:

We at EXPONEA have developed a world-class marketing cloud platform that combines data analytics and marketing automation. Our team of 90 professionals – 20+ of them in development – delivers services to clients on 5 continents. Working out of offices in Bratislava, Prague, Palo Alto, London and Melbourne, we are revolutionizing the way companies use data to contact customers online. It pays to be part of it.

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