C++ ENGINEER (Analytics team)


C++ ENGINEER (Analytics team)

walletFixed base monthly salary from 2000 EUR
walletčCompetitive salary reflecting your motivation and maturity (monthly fixed & variable salary from 2000 EUR to 4000 EUR + stock options)
location-pinBratislava, Slovensko

We are Exponea, an internationally renowned e-commerce cloud – a tool for in-depth analysis and marketing automation for businesses. We work with global e-commerce leaders and other top companies from all over the globe.


Currently expanding our Analytics team, we’re looking for new colleague as C++ Engineer. Could you be one of them?

Our team:

The Analytics team is comprised of 8 people who develop and run our analytics platform. The platform built at Exponea enables our clients to run complex analytical queries in real time. It includes our secret weapon, our highly-optimized, distributed, in-memory data storage/computing engine that we wrote from scratch. Thanks to our engine we can traverse, filter and aggregate billions of events in under a few seconds. Our focus areas are product innovation together with stability and scalability.



Must have:

  • C++
  • Great algorithmic thinking
  • Ability to solve complex problems with simple and readable code


Nice to have:

  • Go
  • Python
  • gRPC
  • Prometheus
  • Kubernetes


  • Improve CPU performance of already existing analyses without affecting memory usage:
    • The calculation of analyses are already significantly optimized, however we see some more potential in rewriting the event storage so the data locality is more friendly to CPU caches.
    • When someone calculates an analysis, we calculate it from scratch. Some caching mechanism for intermediary results could avoid expensive recalculations that are being potentially calculated multiple times and won’t change the analysis result. This could save time when calculating multiple analyses at the same time that uses similar aggregates or virtual properties. This is a common use case when user views a dashboard.
    • This will allow our company to use our HW resources more efficiently resulting in faster analyses for our largest clients. This is crucial since we are aiming to gain more larger sized clients.
  • Improve stability and avoid any unnecessary delays when under heavy load:
    • There is a trade off between whether we prioritize analysis calculation or new data consumption. Both are equally important, since users don’t want to wait too long for the analysis results and the tracked data should be available for calculation as soon as possible.
    • We have a very simple scheduling mechanism, that has its own limits and we believe that it could improved.
    • This would result in a more stable platform with shorter lags under heavy load and shorter calculation times.

What you might like about Exponea:

  • A great deal of freedom and trust. At Exponea we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. We are interested in results from day one. The freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.
  • Learning, personal development and professional growth.
  • Entrepreneurship and leadership lessons. You will gather valuable know-how for your own business. Our CEO Peter Irikovský’s goal is to support our people in starting their own successful businesses. Easier done with the money and know-how you will have obtained here. (Read more of what Luna, our E-Commerce Growth Specialist has learnt about growing a business).
  • Flexible working hours. Remote work and home office are possible.
  • Reward based on your commitment and capabilities.
  • Possibility to co-own the company through employee share program.
  • An easy-to-access downtown office.
  • Coaching sessions with our communication and talent development expert, Ivo Večeřa.
  • An array of fringe benefits including hardware (pick the machine and tools you like), books, gym classes, language classes.
  • Free lunches in Exponea Foodie Club restaurants; fresh fruit in the office every day.
  • Travel insurance also for personal purposes.
  • Friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.   

About us:

Exponea is an award winning customer experience and data management platform that not only boosts e-commerce growth with AI-powered engagement automation, but also helps improve companies’ culture with better cross-department collaboration and customer centricity. More info about Exponea.

Get a glimpse of life at Exponea and meet your future colleagues (Facebook Page Exponea Society).

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