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We are Exponea, an internationally renowned e-commerce cloud – a tool for in-depth analysis and marketing automation for businesses. We work with global e-commerce leaders and other top companies from all over the world.


Our team:

We are currently forming a fresh team that will focus on building a top-notch personalized experience for the customers of our clients, serving data from our analytics system as well as our AI-powered recommendation system.

Backendists will be responsible for developing an API that serves personalized content to millions of customers. Since the latency is key, the API server has to be scalable and resilient, thus we decided to give Go a go.

Our frontendists then focus on building WYSIWYG personalization editor that allows you to directly edit your web and then send your experiments or A/B tests to the customers.

Finally, we also maintain Exponea JS SDK, that applies all the personalization magic to the page. The SDK is a crucial piece of SW running on each customer’s device, written in TypeScript and lined with a plethora of tests that verifies its accuracy. We do not guess, that’s why we collect metrics that guide our data-driven decisions. We, as a team, also expect to work with world-class AI experts with a single goal – maximize customers’ experience.

Current Projects and challenges:

  • Avoid flickering of asynchronously applied personalization (flickering is caused by the delay between loading of the page and the time that personalization is applied to the page)
  • Minimizing round-trip time from the user’s web to our servers, allowing a native-like experience.
  • Reimplement personalization API so that it is efficient, scalable and resilient
  • Improve Exponea SDK so that it gets on par with new API improvements
  • Collect metrics and error reporting from the SDK

Our tech stack:

  • Angular 6
  • Typescript
  • Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes

We are looking for:

  • A backendist fond of Go, Python, Docker, Kubernetes
  • A frontendist speaking fluent Angular with an advanced understanding of web platform to develop our Editor
  • A frontendist speaking fluent TypeScript with a focus on testability and accuracy to develop our SDK

What you might like about Exponea:

A great deal of freedom and trust. At Exponea we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. We are interested in results from day one. The freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility.

  • Learning, personal development and professional growth. Including an annual budget for trainings in the amount of your monthly salary.
  • Entrepreneurship lessons.  Easier way to start your own business. Inspired by PayPal founders, our CEO, Peter, aims to support employees in starting their own successful firms. The money and know-how you will have obtained at Exponea will surely come in handy! (Read more of what Luna, our E-Commerce Growth Specialist has learnt about growing a business).
  • Flexible working hours. Remote work and home office are possible.
  • Reward based on your commitment and capabilities.
  • Possibility to co-own the company through our employee share program into which we have allocated over 50 percent of shares.
  • An easy-to-access downtown office.
  • An array of fringe benefits including hardware (pick the machine and tools you like), books, gym classes, language classes.
  • Free lunches in Exponea Foodie Club restaurants; free fresh fruit in the office every day.
  • Travel insurance, also for personal purposes.
  • Friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.
  • Talent development thanks to our Internal Learning Academy:
    • Communication and soft skill development program provided by our resident coach and ex-McKinsey communication strategist Ivo Večeřa
    • Leadership academy, execution training – 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen Covey Business Academy
    • Scaling-up program from Verne Harnish processed via TedExponea format

About us:

Exponea is an award-winning customer experience and data management platform that not only boosts e-commerce growth with AI-powered engagement automation, but also helps improve companies’ culture with better cross-department collaboration and customer centricity. More info about Exponea.


Get a glimpse of life at Exponea and meet your future colleagues (Facebook Page Exponea Society).

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SW Engineering

If you have any questions, please contact us at career@exponea.com