What is the Exponea Mastermind Certificate?

At Exponea, we want to make sure that our clients can use our tool to its fullest potential, maximizing the benefit for their businesses. We also want to recognize users that are truly proficient at using it. That is why we have started certifying our power users.

We have created a practical exam that tests knowledge of all the core features, as well as general knowledge of Exponea. We believe that passing the exam demonstrates that you are a true Exponea Mastermind, and deserves a certificate that proves it.

We realize that many of our users focus on a limited number of features. Since we do not want to penalize them, nor lower the standard of the general exam, we are planning to introduce separate, more in-depth, certificates for individual features in the near future.

How Does it Work?

The exam consists of around 20 questions (in English) that you answer by completing practical assignments in a testing project. The questions cover everything from data management, web layers, email campaigns, and scenarios to recommendations, and your ability to work with the consent framework to be able to function comfortably under GDPR. You will be allowed to refer to our guides throughout the exam. The upper limit for passing it is 2 hours, although it can be done much faster.

We strive to always have someone from Exponea (i.e. your consultant) present during the exam to help you in case of any questions or issues (...but not to help you answer the questions!). Once you have filled in the registration form, we will get in touch with you to arrange a date. You will get access to all the materials just before the exam.

We will let you know about your result within a few days and, if your score is sufficient, issue a certificate and send you a badge that you can add to your LinkedIn page.

Just like our product, the certification process will be continuously evolving. That is why the certificate is valid for a year.

Why Should I get Certified?

We believe that, if it isn’t already, being a certified user of Exponea will soon be a great competitive advantage in a job market where more and more e-commerce businesses use our tool to thrive.

Am I Ready?

Ask yourself whether you are comfortable using the features below, aware of all the options they provide, and confident that you are able to avoid common mistakes.

Other than basic use of jinja, coding skills are not required.

Do you know the answers to the following questions?

  • What is the difference between an aggregate and a running aggregate?
  • What should you check before importing a customer file, and why?
  • How do you attribute revenue to a specific campaign?
  • Does personalization work in test emails?
  • Which events cannot trigger a scenario?

Still not sure?

Try answering the two example questions below

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#1 Question
Your colleague tried to create a report showing the number of purchases per month, but made a newbie mistake that resulted in an incorrect report. What mistake did she make?

Forgot to set the grouping to 'auto', a classic one. Used the wrong time format. Used count(event.purchase) instead of count(customer) and a purchase filter. Used the wrong time filter in the metric. Used the 'Show N/A' option, which is why she got N/A's in the report.
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#2 Question
Another colleague of yours has created the scenario below, expecting it to send 19.9K emails. Not understanding why the TEST tab shows only 48 emails will be sent, he contacted Exponea's support to report a bug. What would you advise him to check, to help him understand that the number is, in fact, correct?

Select all that apply.
Check how many customers have unsubscribed from this type of email. Check the email sender settings. Make sure that the email property is set for the entire target group. Check what period the Policy is set to, and look at how many of the target customers have recently (within that time frame) received an email with this Policy. Review the scenario logic.
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How Can I Prepare?

Revise by going through our guides.
Practice the skills mentioned above in your own project.
Learn by arranging a training with your consultant.

Testing goes hand in hand with education. True to our mission – To Empower Smart People, Our Own & Our Clients, to Be Globally Competitive – we strive to continuously improve our clients’ knowledge of Exponea. We are working hard on updating our existing documentation, and plan to create additional study materials, tutorials, and trainings that will help you advance faster – all under the roof of Exponea University.

Up for the challenge? Fill in the registration form! We will get in touch with you shortly afterwards.

If you think you are not quite ready to take the Mastermind exam but want to be informed once the exam for a specific feature is available, do still register, and indicate which feature you are interested in.

Do you have more questions? Get in touch at exponea.university@exponea.com.

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