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The world of email marketing is bigger than you might think

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  • 1. Start with domain warm-up
    ×We take care of everything from DNS setup through cleaning your email database to warming up your domain. You also get a dedicated IP address from us to protect your domain reputation.
  • 2. Be relevant with segmentation
    ×Book your flight to Paris when you've just gotten back? No, thanks. Exponea makes it easy for you to segment users by any action or attribute combination, allowing you to send out offers people care about.
    3. Make your emails look beautiful
    ×Design matters. Get absolute freedom in what your emails look like - choose from a set of templates we've prepared for you, create your own with our smart WYSIWYG editor or let us code a new template for your from scratch.
    4. Add dynamic content automatically
    ×Email automation reached a new level with Exponea. Use our built-in catalogues to a) automatically add e.g. 10 best-selling products from last week to a newsletter and b) send it to those who haven't bought the products yet.
    5. Personalize to the bone
    ×Use any piece of information you know about them to deliver a truly personalized message. Running a flight booking website? Offer cheap tickets from Vienna to Dubai to people who a) travelled to Southeast Asia twice in the past two years and b) have searched for connections between Vienna and Bangkok in the past month. Responsible for an e-commerce website's marketing? Send the best May deals on slip-ons to women who have bought a pair every May from 2010 till last year.
  • 6. Use built-in A/B testing feature
    ×Assuming is one thing, knowing is another. Base your future email marketing strategy on how your audience reacts. With Exponea's built-in A/B testing, you instantly know what offer, design and copy works best.
  • 7. Send millions of emails every day
    ×Thanks to the volume of emails our clients send every day, we can (and will) give you one of the best prices on the market. Exponea is also smart enough to deliver your emails in batches and to help you avoid concurrent campaigns - each user is reached just once with the given message.
    8. Try custom delivery times
    ×One of the crucial parts of B2C email marketing is timing. We know when your customers check their emails and make sure your message gets delivered at the best time possible.
  • 9. Breathe lightly with automated tracking
    ×Wave goodbye to the annoying manual UTM tracking setup, smart email marketing tools take care of it automatically. When did they open your email? Where did it happen? How long did it take them to click the button? With Exponea, you know right away.
    10. Enjoy built-in, real-time reporting
    ×See how your emails are doing in real time. Exponea tracks, analyses and evaluates every aspect of your email marketing efforts - how else than automatically.
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Just another email marketing software? Not really

Benefit from a cross-channel platform

Exponea comes as a comprehensive tool with its own scenario designer that helps e-commerce websites cover the entire conversion funnel.
Use your emailing strategy in the context of other channels to get the best results!

Quote from Johnny Quach, Director of Product at Rocket Internet
"Exponea just works. With a few clicks we’re able to launch promotional campaigns, targeted messaging, and even run A/B test without any development support."
Johnny Quach, Director of Product at Rocket Internet

9 reasons to stop looking elsewhere

We built Exponea around you and your customers. This is what you can do from day one


See value in 2 weeks

Why wait? The initial integration of Exponea takes just a few minutes. Our consultants then delve into your data, find actionable insights and deliver the first results in just a few weeks.


Cover the entire journey

It all begins with the customer's first visit and ends with their repeated purchases. Eager to know what happens in between? Get powerful customer insights and act upon them straight away, effortlessly and effectively.


Become customer-centric

Each and every one of your customers matters. Instead of just giving you a brief audience overview, Exponea delivers everything needed for one-on-one marketing.


Enjoy a fully-equipped tool

E-commerce businesses typically need as many as 12 separate tools to deal with tracking data, building audiences, sending emails etc. Then, there's Exponea that integrates everything into one interface. We call it the Direct Execution Ecosystem.


Build cross-channel campaigns

Reach your customers in the right place at the right time. Exponea is a truly multi-channel platform, where the only limit is one's imagination.


Bury the hatchet

Exponea is a peacemaker between you and your IT. Once the integration is done, it's between you and us. Let's focus on your marketing goals and let your IT focus on theirs.


Get the whole company on board

Exponea makes it easy for departments to work together. Get insights, decide on experiments and celebrate successes and new learnings together.


Boundaries? No, thanks

There's no such thing as two identical businesses. Exponea is ready, allowing everyone to dig as deep as they need and evolving by itself based on how you've been using it.


Get value or money back

If you're not happy with what we deliver within two months, just say the word and we'll refund you.