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for the Telco Industry

“We use Exponea to analyze customers and segment so that communications are far more personalized.” Exponea is a big help with on-site activities and content personalization, and connects our digital efforts with our other sales channels.
Marek Ďurček, Web and Media Analyst
Telco industry

Easily identify your customers, no matter the touchpoint

Deliver expectation‑defying personalized experiences across each of your channels.

omni channel orchestration

in Telco Industry


Identity Resolution

Complex customer data profiles and hierarchies


Consent Management and Contact Policy

Difficult to manage consent and contact policy at the customer level instead of the channel level



Complex legacy system infrastructure requires extensive custom integrations for new channels, tools, systems



Online and offline personalization at scale is challenging without a complete picture of the customer


Reporting Delays

No real‑time data; reporting takes hours


Too many data tools

Multiple systems with different data formats that cannot communicate with each other


Inefficient Channel Orchestration

Difficult to achieve the top‑level view of all channels required for omni‑channel orchestration


Connecting Online to Offline

Due to disconnected internal & external digital channels

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success story

Telekom grew online sales by 5X+
thanks to personalized web experience

Dynamic homepage personalization improves conversion by improving user experience and adding a relevant call to action.

Thanks to our solution, the client can display tailored and targeted messages to customers and find the best converting alternative through A/B tests.

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business woman
Use Cases

For Telco

Personalization across website

Split prospects to multiple segments based on the probability of conversion. Increase the maximum bid on the segment with the highest probability.

Lead generation

Web layers are great tool to get immediate attention. You can use them to promote hot product or upsell offers.

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Key Features
For Telco

  • Single Customer View
  • Omni‑Channel Orchestration
  • Predictions
  • Performance analytics
  • Experiments and Personalization

Show the right content to the right customer, based on data. Exponea enables you to personalize your site for every visitor. Show location‑based offers, vouchers for loyal customers, weather‑based deals, and more.

Send the right message to the right person at the right time by interacting with each individual customer through their preferred channel. All customer interactions with your brand are recorded in real‑time, ensuring up‑to‑date communication with every message on every channel.

Stop customer churn before it happens. Predict the probability of churning for every customer in your database, and design automated campaigns to keep your most important customers.

Understand exactly how your customers move through your site. Drill down deep into comprehensive funnel analytics. Identify blockers and leaks, then fix them with Exponea.

Optimize every element of your site and increase conversions – without the need for IT. Make changes, test, and optimize, directly in Exponea.

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“Exponea allows us to personalize content for our visitors in real‑time. We are not dependent on our IT department in Germany.”
Dominik Brichta, Co‑Founder & CAO Electronic Star
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Exponea’s customer‑centric platform is the clear industry leader, based on user reviews. Exponea is redefining what it means to be a CDP and is pushing the boundaries of the market. Read more about the solution that customers love in the report.

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Exponea’s customer‑centric engagement cloud is redefining the meaning of marketing automation software. That’s why we’re momentum leaders in G2Crowd’s user‑based momentum grid. Read more about the platform that customers love in the report.

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