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“It seems as though Exponea has no limits!” I kept coming up with different ideas and concepts for use cases which were not preset in the tool, up to that point. Their team never once told me “I’m sorry, we can’t do that” or “our tool doesn’t do that”. The Exponea team always came back to me with “There is always a solution”, because the platform works with all tools and their data-driven employees function on a highly technical level.
Stephan Kleine, Online Marketing Manager

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Clients Include

success story

Finlayson saw 33.72% increase in chance of 2nd order if 1st order was discounted.

Finlayson provided us with their internal costs so we could examine the efficacy of the discounts they were offering.

We experimented with the percentage being offered in these deals, as well as when customers would receive their offers. The average discount rate Finlayson was offering was 11%; we proposed decreasing their average discount rate by 45%.

Based on our analysis, this action could uplift profits by 3.42%, increasing the profit margin by nearly 2%.

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in Retail Industry


Limited Omnichannel Capabilities

Difficult to integrate and manage multiple channels with various platforms


No Real‑Time Data Flows

Legacy systems update in hours or days, making real‑time communication with customers impossible


Lack of IT Resources for Marketing Activities

Poor alignment between IT and Marketing goals, implementing new tools or changing tech stack requires precious time and human resources


Disconnected Data Sources

Hard to build successful online‑to‑offline or multiple‑device customer journeys


No Personalization at Scale

Data is spread across disparate sources, severely limiting personalization capabilities


Poor Customer Loyalty

Growth is accomplished primarily through acquisition, which is much more expensive than loyalty‑fueled growth

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retail industry

Organize your data around the customer and foster loyalty with Exponea.

Send personalized recommendations and discount offers at scale, orchestrate omni‑channel communication, and give your customers the on‑site experience they’ve come to expect.


Key Features
For Retail

  • AI‑Powered Recommendations
  • Omni‑Channel Orchestration
  • Predictions
  • Experiments and Personalization

Increase sales by showing customers products they actually want to buy. AI‑powered product recommendations use cutting‑edge technologies to connect the right customer with the right products.

Send the right message to the right person at the right time by interacting with each individual customer through their preferred channel. All customer interactions with your brand are recorded in real‑time, ensuring up‑to‑date communication with every message on every channel.

Stop customer churn before it happens. Predict the probability of churning for every customer in your database, and design automated campaigns to keep your most important customers.

Optimize every element of your site and increase conversions – without the need for IT. Make changes, test, and optimize, directly in Exponea.

Use Cases

For Retail

Vouchers for First/Next Purchase

Create incentives for your visitors to become customers by offering them a discount on their current purchase or offering them a voucher for their next purchase (leading to lower cost and higher retention).

Upsell Recommendations (AI Driven)

Create and use different recommendation models such as “similar products” or “customers also bought” for identified situations.

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Client Testimonials

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“Exponea have enabled us to truly stitch together online and offline behaviour via their Customer Data Platform.”
Nicola Cottrell, Head of CRM
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Customer Data Platform

Exponea’s customer‑centric platform is the clear industry leader, based on user reviews. Exponea is redefining what it means to be a CDP and is pushing the boundaries of the market. Read more about the solution that customers love in the report.

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