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for the Finance Industry

“Tatra banka achieved a strong double digits increase” Leveraging its behavioral analytical CRM, digital campaign management, web personification, and omni‑channel orchestration functionalities. Tatra banka achieved a strong double digit increase comparing to control group in cross-sell ratio of core consumer products in few months...
Michal Liday, CEO, Tatra banka
success story

Tatra banka Improved Web‑Lead Generation & Conversion by Double Digits

Advanced segmentation and omni‑channel orchestration created significant revenue uplift

Site visitors who showed interest in a product were identified and forwarded to a call center or a branch, along with a description of products they searched for.

Interest was defined based on historical behavioral data and could also be used for better targeting of prospects.

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Acquire and retain customers quickly and easily with omni‑channel orchestration

Exponea brings rapid, valuable cultural change to your institution, driving sales through a fast and user‑friendly platform that enables real‑time reactions to your customers.

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Finance Industry


Ineffective Acquisition

Acquiring low value customers through high‑priced channels


Ineffective Omni‑Channel Sales & Service

Due to disconnected internal & external digital channels


Low Cross‑Selling

Due to limited omni‑channel orchestration


Inefficient Sales

Retaining low‑value customers through high‑priced channels


Limited Campaign Capabilities

IT resources are required for executing campaigns

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Every customer

Exponea delivers everything needed for
one‑to‑one marketing

Use Cases

Examples of Solutions
For Finance

Activate New Customers

Easily design and execute onboarding scenarios to help your customers better understand your product and increase adoption rates. Constantly improve thanks to valuable customer feedback.

Engage Mobile Users

Reach prospects and clients easily by joining the efforts of your branches, call centers, and digital marketing team to deliver personalized messaging.

Upsell And Cross Sell

Increase revenue from upsells and cross-sells by implementing action-generating weblayers and email flows.

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Exponea Capabilities

Key Finance

  • Behavior‑Based Personalization
  • Visual Scenario Builder
  • Surveys
  • AI‑Powered Recommendations
  • Predictions

Keep your visitors engaged by using their historical, real‑time, and predicted future behavior to automatically trigger personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey.

Design captivating omni‑channel customer experiences quickly and easily with a drag‑and‑drop visual builder.

Gain valuable insight into the customer experience and increase NPS scores with a quick and easy survey builder.

Reduce friction in the customer journey by showing the right product to the right customer, thanks to AI‑powered recommendations.

Reveal insights about your customers hidden in vast quantities of data with AI‑powered customer predictions. Stop customer churn before it happens, and put data at the heart of your customer strategy.

& Awards

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4x ISO

Being ISO 9001 & ISOO 27001 certified for Data Management and Security Information Management, we also obtained ISOO 27017 for Cloud Services and ISOO 27018 for Protection of Personal data in Cloud and ISO 22301 for Business Continuity Management to emphasise the importance of data privacy security and continuity of our services.

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The First GDPR Certified
Company In The World

At Exponea, we have taken GDPR very seriously. We set out to become one of the first companies ever to get the Certificate of GDPR Conformity, accomplishing our mission as a pioneer. We are also among the first companies in Europe to receive a new “GDPR insurance” certificate with special Cyber Enterprise Risk Management Insurance.

View certification: GDPR 3101
Client & Partners Testimonials

From Our
Clients or Partners

“Although we already implemented products from Adobe, we used Exponea as additional layer to evaluate customer’s behavior in real time, change content on site and personalize offering with double digit increase in lead generation.”
Simona Urbanova, Head of Digital Sales and Acquisition, SLSP, Erste group
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Exponea’s customer‑centric platform is the clear industry leader, based on user reviews. Exponea is redefining what it means to be a CDP and is pushing the boundaries of the market. Read more about the solution that customers love in the report.

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Exponea’s customer‑centric engagement cloud is redefining the meaning of marketing automation software. That’s why we’re momentum leaders in G2Crowd’s user‑based momentum grid. Read more about the platform that customers love in the report.

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