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E‑Commerce Maturity Model

Embrace the fundamentals for fast and frictionless growth with a model that assists online retail marketers in analyzing and mapping routes to success.

How it helps

  • Provokes new thinking for you and for your organization.
  • Aligns your view with your team and stakeholders.
  • Helps to promote balanced and iterative growth.

How to use it?

  • Look at the different areas and think about your maturity stage in each of them. Our description of levels and the questionnaire can guide you.
  • Specify the maturity stage you want to achieve for your company over the next period. Try to make it balanced, otherwise you’re probably not utilizing potential from maturity within various areas.
  • Set personal and team goals which help you advance to the desired maturity stage.

Areas of E‑Commerce
Maturity Model


Types of marketing activities that are in place

  • First session weblayer
  • Personalized recommendations on website
  • Abandoned cart email


Data collection and management

What data is available and how interconnected they are. What interactions and attributes are tracked. How is the data enriched from external sources?

  • Page view tracking
  • Complete cart interactions
  • Updated product returns


Analyses, trends and data triggered alerts

  • Campaign evaluation based on product profit
  • Recency, frequency, monetary
  • AI-driven lead scoring


Processes you follow

Are you just trying out your luck with ad-hoc campaigns or are they based on customer behaviour, historical purchases and predictions?

  • Trigger based campaigns
  • Campaigns based on predictions, i.e. potential churn
  • Campaigns based on past behaviour of customers


Is there just a lone person driving all the innovations?

Have you established continuous support of optimization and knowledge sharing?

  • Marketing team takes care of campaigns with support from IT
  • Common use cases are documented
  • Company-wide programs for idea generation


Is the privacy in control of your customers?

Are you adding value to your customer's experience in exchange for the personal data they are providing you? Are you just aiming for the basics or do you compete in privacy?

  • Privacy policy documents online
  • Data flow processes mapped
  • Customers can edit and extend their tracked data

Areas Levels

We’ve split each of the areas into 5 different stages, called levels, to better distinguish the organizational maturity within each area.

Level 1

The entry level for e‑commerce maturity consists of the easiest to reach tasks by a single marketer.

Level 2

The level builds upon the basics to further enhance them, yet their complexity is best managed by a marketing team.

Level 3

At this level, organizations are starting to leverage past customer data coming from multiple sources, needing multi‑departmental collaboration.

Level 4

Organizations within this level are able to use the full potential of campaigns managed by people and have a mature set of best practices.

Level 5

The highest level of maturity enables AI‑powered campaigns across various channels and uses predictive stock management to prevent churn. It is best achieved by organizations with an evolved data culture.

Uncover Your
E‑Commerce Maturity

Uncover Your E‑Commerce Maturity

You’ll be presented with a series of questions for each of the 6 maturity areas.
Please select the option that best describes your current state.
Please select one option that best describes your current state.
Let's start
1. Action
2. Data
3. Insights
4. Methodology
5. Governance
6. Privacy
I'm not segmenting any campaigns, I'm marketing everything to everyone.
I segment campaigns towards genders, perhaps age groups, but that's it.
I'm using customers' past data such as their purchases and favorite brands to market to them.
I know so much about my customers, that I can setup personalized campaigns towards them.
My campaigns are powered by AI and it's picking the best marketing messages and products towards the individual customers by itself.
None of these.
I'm just tracking page views and customer sessions.
My website tracking is extensive and I even track events, such as interactions with specific elements and purchases.
I've enhanced my online data with what's currently in stock and I was also able to attribute purchase returns.
All of my internal systems are connected and the tracking is very extensive.
I was able to connect both my internal systems and external as well, I know as much about our customers as possible.
None of these.
I'm able to figure out which pages are the most popular on my site.
Using my data, I'm able to create customer cohort or RFM analysis & I know what my customers' average order value is.
Using various data sources, I'm able to determine which of the products are returned the most and I can evaluate the campaigns based on profit.
Analysing customers based on their lifecycle data isn't a big mystery to me anymore & I'm able to score & segment them based on their overall value to my business.
I'm capable of using my data to predict purchases within a certain timeframe and I even know which products will be most likely purchased, so I can stock enough of them.
None of these.
I'm firing campaigns left and right. Is it Sunday? Oh, I must send out newsletters!
I'm confident that I roughly know when to serve campaigns to my customers and I've even created a few basic templates for that.
My campaigns are being triggered based on certain events and by customers when they are on my site.
I know my individual customers so well, that I'm using their past data to optimize when to target them with a campaign and when it's best not to.
My campaigns are being triggered by predictions, so I know when someone's going to churn or when they are going to purchase even without an incentive.
None of these.
I'm a marketing loner, there is no one else within my team.
It's just me and a few of my colleagues in the marketing department.
Automation and analytical software are being leveraged by other departments such as purchasing.
Throughout our company, we were able to produce a set of best practices.
Knowledge-sharing and idea generation is deeply rooted in our company's culture.
None of these.
Our website is secured with SSL certificate!
We have implemented double opt-in for newsletters and we have a privacy policy online for our customers to read through.
We were able to map our data flows and we even have a dedicated Data Protection Officer.
We take our customers' safety very seriously! We've analyzed potential risks to them and we're making sure that we protect their privacy.
Privacy is a paramount topic for our company & our customers have full control over their data. They can edit or remove it easily by themselves.
None of these.
Your overall
maturity level is

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