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We Are the First SaaS Company
to Get GDPR Certified by LL‑C

Understand Impacts of
GDPR on Your Business

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Achieve GDPR

Exponea has obtained ISO 27017 in Information Security for Cloud Services and ISO 27018 Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Cloud. The biggest effort were put into getting the Certificate of GDPR Conformity, in compliance with principles of Regulation (EU) No 679/20167 of the European Parliament and of the Council.

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73% of businesses are not ready
to satisfy the compliance obligations of GDPR.

Osterman Research / Inc

5 Things You Should
Know about GDPR

(and They Are Not Positive)

  • 73% of all EU‑based online businesses will not be legally allowed to stay in touch with their current customers because of non‑compliant consents to send email gathered in the past.
  • As a data processor you are legally responsible, even for the faults of your suppliers and solution providers.
  • Too many companies do not have a data‑flow map of all 3rd party providers, which is the pipeline of customer data, contracts and GDPR requirements.
  • You have to grant all the required rights to your users. Companies must be able to provide (for free) a copy of an individual’s personal data or even erase them, if requested.
  • You need to have a plan in place to be able to communicate with authorities and customers within 72 hours of eventual data breach.

90% of businesses believe it’s too difficult to delete customer data and 60% do not have the systems in place to help them do so.

State of European Privacy Report

Take Action
in 5 Quick Steps

Start collecting GDPR ready consents
Review all consents you gather and make them GDPR compliant. Create a sound communication strategy to drive acceptance of updated GDPR compliant consents. As for any new database, make sure that the potential subscriber confirms willingness to join your mailing list by sending an automated email to confirm the subscription.
Review all contracts with third party providers
Marketers, marketing automation platforms, CRMs, etc., create most of their data ecosystem. Make sure that they are taking the steps necessary to prepare for GDPR compliance with measures in place to store, process and integrate data appropriately.
Start centralizing your personal data collection into a GDPR ready system
Make sure your users can access their data, review its proposed usage, and make any changes if necessary. Choose a platform that enables marketers to make it happen.
Audit and document current data collection and processing
Map all the dataflow of your customers’ and visitors’ information. Make sure you understand the data that you really need and the type of processing you do with it.
Cooperate across departments (IT, Legal, Operations, ...)
Make sure you have all GDPR paperwork and processes in place. All managers and decision makers in your company should be aware of changes GDPR brings and key deadlines.
Exponea has partnered with attorneys from Steiniger law firm who are co‑authors of GDPR legislation, to ensure we provide our clients with the most relevant, precise and up to date services of GDPR compliance.
the most relevant, precise and up to date services of GDPR compliance.

Exponea Becomes the First SaaS Company to Get GDPR Certified

The certification process, which was completed in March 2018, included complete auditing of documentation, assessment of anonymised data, security standards, software architecture, disaster recovery and business operations.

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