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Web-Banner mit dynamischem Timing


Client is not able to cross-sell / up-sell additional products.


Supplementary products are not promoted and visible enough on the website so customers do not buy them.


Send emails to cross-sell additional products to the customer within a specific timespan depending on the time of trip departure and recommend additional destinations after they complete the trip(upsell).


Prepared an email scenario promoting additional products and services, depending on the date of flight (incentive to cross-sell more products with the flight ticket).

Timing of email send-out is dependent on the timespan between buying the flight ticket and actual departure (dynamic timing feature set to cca 3 days before the departure).

After the arrival, an email using a typical timestamp is sent, with the plan of upselling the customer – recommending other destinations, etc. (set to cca 2 days after the arrival).


  • Setup events tracking: 4 hours
  • Scenario logic setup: (dependent on cooperation with client)
  • Creating expressions and scenario: 3 hours
  • Email design: 4 hours (dependent on cooperation with client)
  • Personalized email template (with Jinja): 3 hours
  • Product / location recommendation: 6 hours
Total: 2 weeks
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