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RFM Life-Cycle-Automatisierung


Loyal customers are vanishing


Customers have stopped ordering. They may have just gone on a vacation or lost interest in the service.


Check the activity of loyal customers. When they become inactive for a defined period of time, give them free credits for their next order and send an email with this incentive.


  • RFM segmentation
  • Scenario – scenario triggered daily, checked for new customers who are in the Loyal (top frequency) segment and the At Risk (inactive for 45 days) segment. Scenario also utilizes a web hook to add credits on the backend.
  • Create an email template with a notice that customer has been granted free credits


  • Import customers and historical purchases: 1 day
  • Setup synchronization of customers (emails and unsubscribe attributes): 1 hour
  • Create RFM segments and scenario: 1 hour
  • Email template with unsubscribe link: 1 day
Total: 2 weeks
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