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The client could not effectively promote similar products and push the customer further along the conversion funnel.


The client was not recognizing when customers abandoned their shopping carts or suggesting alternatives to them.


A content-based recommendation email was prepared with Exponea. When customers abandon their carts, they receive an email showing and recommending the products that had been put in the cart.


An email scenario is triggered on event “cart_update”. After several hours from the initial cart_update and the order is not finished, an email is sent to the customer. The email is set up automatically according to the products tracked in the cart_update. Using the Jinja personalization feature in the email template editor, all of the information about similar products are updated from the catalogue – product name, picture, number of pieces remaining in stock, and price.


  • Tracking setup: 3 – 4 hours
  • Scenario preparation: 1 hour
  • Email template creation: 2 hours
  • Email personalization with Jinja: 3 hours
Total: cca 2 man-days over 2 weeks
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