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Post‑pandemic Holiday Edition

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Online Retail Challengers:
Exponea’s annual event that pushes, challenges and expands the boundaries of digital marketing. This year, we are bringing the ORC to you!

Join us for insight and data-driven sessions on how transformational marketers are overcoming global retail challenges, creating innovative campaigns and driving the future of digital & E-Commerce.

Event includes speakers from:


1:35 - 2:05 PM GMT
Transition Fast: How Marketers Can Impact Logistics this Season We surveyed both consumers and retailers for their POV on shipping this holiday season. Join this session for a deep-dive into the results and discover the innovative ways brands are overcoming logistics challenges to providing the best and most efficient customer experience.
- Ken Cassar from CassarCo, Matt Crawford from BigCommerce, Peter Irikovsky from Exponea
2:05 - 2:35 PM GMT
Retailer’s Guide to 2020 Holiday Season With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect session to get you and your team prepared for what is sure to be a unique holiday experience. This session will specifically cover:
  • Today’s landscape in retail amidst the coronavirus pandemic
  • Shifts we are seeing in consumer behavior and how understanding that behavior can help inform your strategy
  • The next steps retailers should take
  • Five keys to success this holiday season
- Amy Eschliman from Google Cloud
2:40 - 3:10 PM GMT
Consumer.ology: how to thrive post COVID It’s time to take a fresh approach to understanding your consumers. To know them better than they do themselves and to understand why we often don’t buy what we say we will, you’ll have to embrace a new understanding of human behaviour.
- Phil Graves from Consumer.ology
3:10 - 3:40 PM GMT
The Customer Obsessed Approach to Media Consumers believe that every interaction they have with a brand, direct or indirect, forms a part of their total customer experience with that brand. Most organisations have that understanding and incorporate it within their CRM communication with their customers but this approach rarely extends to Media. Ahead of the holiday period, learn how to adopt the customer focussed principles of CRM to deliver the total customer experience through the activation of your media.
- Michael Cocker from Tesco and Niyi Duro-Emanuel from Merkle
3:45 - 4:15 PM GMT
Email Deliverability Expert Panel: Why Black Friday means more in 2020 Black Friday has always been a golden opportunity to claw back some of the year's missed revenue, but the stakes are even higher in 2020. With digital channels performing at historical levels, and shelter-in-place mandates turning in-store shoppers into first-time digital consumers, landing inbox messaging is an absolute must.
Join email deliverability experts from Benefit Cosmetics, Exponea, and Mailgun as they discuss:
  • The 2020 projected Black Friday email volumes
  • Things you can do now to boost your sender reputation
  • How to manage multiple sends in one day
  • How to avoid “email fatigue” with customers
- Kate Nowrouzi from Mailgun, Alice Chidgey from Benefit Cosmetics, Gavin Sherry from Exponea
4:15 - 4:45 PM GMT
From discount Elf to empathetic Santa: How the role of a CRM manager will shift this holiday season It’s no secret that the holiday season will look different than it has in the past. Make sure your team is prepared by attending this session that will focus on how to provide better experiences and customer support with empathy in mind. Other key topics that will be covered include standing out with email personalization and some tips to serve customers who miss holiday in-store shopping in the COVID-19 era.
- Led by Divya Mulanjur from Exponea and Kari from Moxielash
4:50 - 5:05 PM GMT
Zero Party Data Spotlight Public awareness and legislation is increasing around online data use and in response, browsers are arming consumers with privacy tools to prevent tracking. So what is your strategy in the age of digital privacy as a norm? Hear from an Exponea Privacy Expert in the zero party data spotlight to find out:
  • Recent privacy changes affecting the market
  • What is zero party data and how to utilise it
  • How to craft a mutually beneficial privacy strategy
- Led by Annabel Pemberton from Exponea
5:05 - 5:30 PM GMT
5:30 - 6:00 PM GMT
The First Annual Exponie Awards We're highlighting the amazing work created by our clients and community with our first ever Exponie Awards. We'll be celebrating winners in 5 different categories and showcasing teams that drive positive business outcomes by putting their customers first.

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Michael joined Tesco’s Marketing graduate scheme back in 2007 and spent the early part of his career in Local Marketing and Customer Proposition roles. He went on to lead Tesco’s Shopper Marketing team for five years, standing over all customer communication and experiential activity in its near-3,000 UK stores. He has also led the expansion of their In-house Creative function and since summer 2019 has headed up Tesco’s Performance Marketing team.
Kari has been in ecommerce for more than 15 years. She began her career in digital at global agencies Digitas and SapientNitro leading account, media and strategy for General Motors, Chrysler, Sunglass Hut and Abbvie. She made the transition to client side as Multichannel Marketing Director for Footlocker, managing all email, SEO, SEM, programmatic, affiliate social and influencer partnerships for all its brands.Her strength and passion is scaling growing brands. In 2017 she transitioned to Senior Director of Digital Marketing for bluemercury and grew its business 50% in her first year. She recently joined MoxieLash as CMO to help drive its strategic growth through innovative social media initiatives and cross collaborations and partnerships.
Alice Chidgey is the CRM Coordinator for Benefit Cosmetics in the UK. She manages the email communications to the UK database as well as the reporting of customer engagement, email performance to be able to plan future comms strategies based on these results. With a background in product and retail marketing, product buying and retail sales, Alice thinks of the customer journey at every point and strives for a relevant, inspiring and fun journey for every customer.
Amanda Elam, Exponea’s Chief Marketing Officer, has been building high-performing marketing teams for SaaS companies for more than a decade. As the marketing landscape evolved to become highly dependent on an integrated tech stack, her love for technology and marketing flourished. Mentored along the way by leaders and innovators, she had the unique opportunity to work with and for some of the best talent in the industry. She is bringing that spirit of growth and innovation to Exponea. Amanda also serves as an advisor for a SaaS data company and an eCommerce startup.
Amy Eschliman is the Managing Director of Retail at Google Cloud. Amy is responsible for shaping our Americas Retail solution strategy. Prior to Google, Amy has extensive experience in retail, focused primarily on ecommerce and customer engagement. Most recently, Amy was at Sephora where she served as the SVP of Client Engagement and previously as the SVP of Ecommerce. In her four year tenure at Sephora, Amy helped drive significant growth in the ecommerce business. Amy’s teams were responsible for leading Sephora to client-first marketing by driving changes in the company’s understanding and use of client data, personalization capabilities and new approaches to client loyalty. Prior to joining Sephora, Amy was the Vice President of e-commerce of Pottery Barn, within Williams-Sonoma, Inc. and responsible for e-commerce and retention marketing.
Kate is the Vice President of Email Deliverability & Product Strategy at Mailgun. She oversees deliverability efforts internally and externally across all Mailgun cloud customers and helps them achieve a high inbox rate through following email marketing best practices. With over 20 years of experience in messaging space, Kate worked both at the ESPs and ISPs in the past. Prior to joining Mailgun, she was a senior vice president at Message Systems/ Sparkpost for 9 years. A recognized authority on email deliverability and anti-spam practices, she worked at AOL anti-spam operation team and UUNET/ Verizon as a network operation engineer. Kate continues to be an active voice in the worldwide messaging community by speaking at conferences, hosting round tables, and publishing blog posts. She is an advocate for STEM and Women in Tech.
Annabel is a Law graduate who focuses on the interaction of Law and Technology in business and in society. She is the Deputy Data Protection Officer at Exponea, consulting clients on legally compliant data tracking and supporting privacy driven Product development. Annabel is also the creator of The Wired Wig podcast, a weekly interview to help bridge the education gap between lawyers and engineers by exploring legal technology. In both of her roles, she strives to build an ecosystem of impact-first, proactive and creative lawyers.
Divya Mulanjur is the product marketing manager at Exponea with 10 years of experience in IT, non-profit, consulting, and marketing. Previously, as head of email and content at Suiteness, she built a strong marketing foundation for the Y-Combinator company, and her work has been featured in top email blogs like Email on Acid, Campaign Monitor, and Emma. With growth and lifecycle marketing as her core skill, Divya has executed campaigns for email and social media, performance marketing, as well as content strategy, and brings real-world B2C marketing experience to Exponea.
Gavin’s focus is anything to do with email, from helping clients with deliverability to strategic planning. Over the last 8 years, he’s worked with major global brands such as LEGO, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister and The Body Shop as well as many smaller brands. He has the experience of many verticals including retail, ecommerce, travel, hospitality, and finance. Email is a great for selling products and services but it’s more than that. It’s a 1 to 1 direct communication channel between brands and their customers. What Gavin focuses on is making it a great user experience too.
Ken has a successful 25 year career in the retail consumer space. He cuts his teeth crunching numbers in financial and marketing analytic roles, but has thrived as an innovator in new forms of retail consumer measurement (particularly in e-commerce) and as a retail industry thought leader for the past 20+ years. He is the rusted advisor on e-commerce and digital marketing to leading global brands such as Amazon, P&G, Mondelez, Unilever and Walmart.
Matt Crawford is the GM of Shipping at BigCommerce. His team at BigCommerce is responsible for building and maintaining relationships with shipping partners that help merchants deliver a better post-purchase experience to shoppers. This includes returns, outbound shipping, cross-border, 3PLs, warranties and other related categories. Prior to joining BigCommerce, Matt spent his career in the Operations practice at PwC in both the US and Australia.
Niyi is an experienced digital marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Responsible for developing digitally focused solutions across capabilities, ranging from media planning and execution to CRM data and analytics, helping businesses achieve their strategic objectives.
Peter connects innovation and business within millions of companies. Under his leadership, Exponea is becoming one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world together with giants, such as Slack, Box or Twilio. Over the last two years the company has doubled its sales and the value every six months.
Philip has been described as “one of the world’s leading consumer behaviour experts”. He has been at the forefront of aligning commercial market research practice with insights from behavioural psychology and behavioural economics and helping organisations make commercial decisions that are more sympathetic to the way that consumers actually think. His book, Consumer.ology, was named one of Amazon’s top ten best business books in its year of publication and has been translated into seven languages. Philip’s consumer psychology expertise has led to him working in a diverse range of categories including financial services, health, FMCG, retail, media and technology. Recent clients include Lloyds Banking Group, Sky, John Lewis, Diageo, Innocent, Tesco, Domino’s and Graze.

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