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Online Retail Challengers:
E‑commerce experts from multiple disciplines coming together to challenge the status quo.

Wunderman Thompson

We know that to grow a business sustainably, long‑term thinking is required. Yet marketers continue to plan and measure in the short‑term.

We track campaign ROI instead of customer lifetime value; we focus on acquisition rather than retention; we use session-based metrics instead of user‑based ones.

Join us for a discussion as we shift focus back to long‑term retail goals, without dropping our short‑term necessities. Learn about the current and future strategies used by e‑commerce experts, including speakers from Exponea, Internet Retailing, Fitflop, IMRG and more. And leave with a plan to accomplish your goals for Black Friday.


“The most damaging
aspect of contemporary living is short‑term thinking.”

Rick Warren,
The Purpose Driven Life


Ricardo is a strategic and innovations leader with over 10 years’ experience moving seamlessly between technology, business, and creativity. Ricardo has worked in the areas of innovation, digital marketing, creative brand advertising, and emerging technologies.

Ricardo Gómez

Head of 365 Consumer Marketing, Desigual

As former Chairman of Asos and former CEO of Amazon UK, Brian has been at the forefront of digital retail for years. He led Amazon through a period of extreme growth, oversaw the launch of Amazon Prime, and was also instrumental in launching T-Mobile’s direct web and telesales customer‑facing business.

Brian McBride

Deputy Chair, Trainline PLC & Non Executive Director, Wiggle

Ian Jindal is a publisher and consultant in e‑commerce and multi‑channel retail. He’s co-founder and editor‑in‑chief of InternetRetailing, providing information and research to multi‑channel retailers. He also co‑founded RetailX, researching performance in multi‑channel retail, brands and suppliers.

Ian Jindal

Founder of InternetRetailing and RetailX.net

With over 20 years experience, including roles both agency and client side as well with with tech companies, Gianfranco has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in helping brands and marketers get the most out of their data, technology and people.

Gianfranco Cuzziol

Global CRM Lead, Aesop

Rod specializes in metrics and business case focused strategic consultancy. He draws on more than 15 years’ experience running multi‑million revenue eCommerce websites for global brands such as Signet and VF, to support Wunderman Commerce clients.

Rod Anthony

Senior Consultant, Wunderman Commerce

Denise is the global strategic lead across all of FitFlop’s digital and D2C channels (APAC, USA, EMEA). She focuses on the successful transformation and development of FitFlop’s global digital business models, as well as the company’s transformation from wholesale to a digital first operating model.

Denise Fender

Global General Manager Business & Digital Transformation, FitFlop

Andy has worked at the heart of the online retail industry since 2010 – researching and producing reports on trends and developments affecting the sector. During that time, Andy has developed strong knowledge in multiple areas of online retail, with particular expertise in Black Friday.

Andy Mulcahy

Strategy and Insight Director, IMRG

Peter connects innovation and business within millions of companies. Under his leadership, Exponea is becoming one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the world together with giants, such as Slack, Box or Twilio. Over the last two years the company has doubled its sales and the value every six months.

Peter Irikovsky

Co‑founder and CEO, Exponea

Peter is an experienced web analyst, product/project manager and team leader. Recognized as a digital expert by Google (official Google Partner Trainer in Slovakia for 4 years), Peter is also founder of fast‑growing e‑commerce accelerator MastersGate, and co‑organiser of MeasureCamp Bratislava.

Peter Jakus

Head of Academy, Exponea

Bruno builds a bridge between the technology and the client’s day‑to‑day business routine. This allows for a better contextualization of how Exponea fits into the existing structure and what it allows in terms of further development of the company’s marketing practices.

Bruno Gorgulho

Head of Solutions, Exponea


The State of Retail in the UK Ian Jindal, Internet Retailing
Growth through Loyalty - The New Growth Paradigm Enabled by a CDXP Peter Irikovsky, Exponea
Fireside Chat Denise Fender, FitFlop
Measuring Success: User–Based vs Session–Based Metrics Peter Jakus, Exponea
Fireside Chat Ricardo Gomez, Desigual
Future Problems and Solutions Bruno Gorgulho, Exponea
Panel Discussion IMRG, Aesop, Wunderman, Desigual, Exponea
Keynote Speech & Fireside Chat Brian McBride, Trainline
Closing Remarks
Food, Drinks, and Networking as we enjoy the views of London from the 42nd Floor


The Leadenhall Building a.k.a. The Cheesegrater,
42nd Floor, 122 Leadenhall St, London EC3V 4AB, UK

The event has ended, but…

you can download the presentation from the event.

Powered by
Exponea Internet Retailing
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