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Great. What now? Join us in New York for the next step.

DATE: 16. MAY 2019 | THURSDAY TIME: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM | EST LOCATION: NEW YORK CITY |  The Standard, East Village - 25 Cooper Square, 21st Floor New York, NY

Why attend

It costs 500% more to acquire a customer than to retain one. Yet only 18% of companies today focus on retention. Even fewer companies focus on the next step: customer loyalty.

Learn the best strategies for fostering customer loyalty from our panel of e-commerce experts and executives from Missguided, Ebuyer and Exponea. You’ll leave the event knowing real‑world strategies that work: stop throwing money at new customers and start focusing on growth through customer loyalty.


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Andy RobertsDirector of E‑Commerce @ Ebuyer
With over 13 years of experience as the Head of E-Commerce at Ebuyer, Andy collaborates with multiple partners and oversees every aspect of the company’s online business. He works to optimize the content strategy, business plan, development, promotional campaigns, online marketing, web design, web analytics, customer service and technologies. Andy’s insights and understanding of the modern customer and the online shopping experience has facilitated further success at Ebuyer.
Nicola FoxHead of CRM @ Missguided
Nicola is the Head of Customer Relationship Management at Missguided. She is a senior marketing and digital professional with far-reaching and extensive knowledge and skills acquired while working within the retail sector. Her main focus at Missguided has been to oversee the development of data-driven CRM from batch blast email.
CDP logo
David RaabFounder of the CDP Institute
David M. Raab is founder of the Customer Data Platform Institute, which educates marketers and technologists about customer data management. As Principal at Raab Associates, Inc., he has been helping marketers to understand, find and deploy appropriate technologies since 1987. Typical projects include marketing process analysis, architecture planning, needs definition, and vendor selection. Mr. Raab also consults with industry vendors on product and business strategy.
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Jeff EynonDirector of E-Commerce @ Beach House Group
Jeff is the Director of Ecommerce at Beach House Group - the company behind some of 2019’s fastest growing ecommerce companies, like BÉIS by Shay Mitchell, MOON with Kendall Jenner, and a host of other celebrity brands. Jeff leads the charge on all things ecommerce; from site builds, to optimization, to email marketing & building a robust tech stack from the ground up. Before joining Beach House Group, Jeff led global digital marketing for Snapchat – from app install campaigns, to performance marketing on Snap’s hardware business, called Spectacles.
Bruno GorgulhoHead of Solutions @ Exponea
Bruno is Head of Solutions at Exponea, where he builds a bridge between the technology and the client's day-to-day business routine. This allows for a better contextualization of how Exponea fits into the existing structure and what it allows in terms of further development of the company's marketing practices. In essence, Bruno transforms a technology into a solution for existing and new challenges.
Jamie O’GormanDirector Client Success @ Exponea
Jamie is Director of Client Services at Exponea, where he focuses on assisting Exponea clients on how to get the most value out of the platform. Jamie has over 10 years’ experience working on the client side of e-commerce, working with 3M, Studio Moderna, Stilago, and more recently, Missguided. Two years ago he moved to the other side, joining Exponea to help other companies grow.
Sam KellettHead of Content @ Exponea
Sam is Head of Content at Exponea, where he focuses on planning the company’s content cycles, and supporting his team of writers to deliver relevant, value-driven articles on specialized marketing topics. His work has recently been centered on the math behind online retail’s key metrics, and actionable customer loyalty strategies.
Greg MooreCorporate Solution Manager @ Exponea
Internationally experienced in the digital and technology industries, Greg has been working with digital marketing technology for 20 years. Greg’s experience is in dealing with both customer and vendor interests, enabling him to understand client needs, and giving him the ability to offer up win-win strategies and solutions.
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OPENING THE GATES Join us for an informal meet and greet before the event.
KEYNOTE SPEECH An introduction to the importance of fostering customer loyalty.
THE CUSTOMER LOYALTY CHALLENGE: WHAT MAKES IT DIFFICULT? We know how important retention and loyalty are, so why are we still focused on acquisition?
Fireside Chat - EBUYER
HOW TO FOSTER CUSTOMER LOYALTY THROUGH OMNI-CHANNEL COMMUNICATION Tactics and strategies to create/improve your omni-channel experience.
HOW TO CREATE A SUCCESSFUL, PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Tactics and strategies to create/improve your on-site personalization, and your personalized communication strategy.
PROBLEM SOLVING: NO AUTOMATION vs. SOME AUTOMATION vs. FULLY CUSTOMER-CENTRIC AUTOMATION Three common e-commerce scenarios, and how to solve them depending on what tools you have available.
Fireside Chat - MISSGUIDED
NETWORKING The presentations will be immediately followed with cocktails and time for networking.


DATE:Thursday 16. MAY 2019
TIME: 1:00 PM - 7:00 PM EST
LOCATION: The Standard, East Village
25 Cooper Square, 21st Floor
New York, 10003
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