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Online Retail Challengers:
Exponea’s annual event that pushes, challenges and expands the boundaries of digital marketing.

This year, we gathered data-driven insights from industry leaders and recorded the sessions on how they’re overcoming global retail challenges, creating innovative campaigns and driving the future of digital & E-Commerce.

Event includes speakers from:


“I really enjoyed the look at the psychological gains and losses for online vs retail from Phil Graves. Especially around the use of power and reward. Fascinating.“

Kitty Bates,
The Typeface Group


Retailer’s Guide to 2020 Holiday Season from Google Cloud
With the holidays right around the corner, this is the perfect session to get you and your team prepared for what is sure to be a unique holiday experience. This session will specifically cover:
  • Today’s landscape in retail amidst the coronavirus pandemic
  • Shifts we are seeing in consumer behavior and how understanding that behavior can help inform your strategy
  • The next steps retailers should take
  • Five keys to success this holiday season
Consumer.ology: How to thrive post COVID from Phil Graves, author of Consumer.Ology
It’s time to take a fresh approach to understanding your consumers. To know them better than they do themselves and to understand why we often don’t buy what we say we will, you’ll have to embrace a new understanding of human behaviour.
The Customer Obsessed Approach to Media from Tesco and Merkle
Consumers believe that every interaction they have with a brand, direct or indirect, forms a part of their total customer experience with that brand. Most organisations have that understanding and incorporate it within their CRM communication with their customers but this approach rarely extends to Media. Ahead of the holiday period, learn how to adopt the customer focussed principles of CRM to deliver the total customer experience through the activation of your media.
Email Deliverability Expert Panel: Why Black Friday means more in 2020 from Benefit Cosmetics, Mailgun, and Exponea
Black Friday has always been a golden opportunity to claw back some of the year's missed revenue, but the stakes are even higher in 2020. With digital channels performing at historical levels, and shelter-in-place mandates turning in-store shoppers into first-time digital consumers, landing inbox messaging is an absolute must. Join email deliverability experts from Benefit Cosmetics, Exponea, and Mailgun as they discuss:
  • The 2020 projected Black Friday email volumes
  • Things you can do now to boost your sender reputation
  • How to manage multiple sends in one day
  • How to avoid “email fatigue” with customers
From discount Elf to empathetic Santa: How the role of a CRM manager will shift this holiday season from Moxielash and Exponea
Zero Party Data Spotlight from Exponea’s Annabel Permberton
Public awareness and legislation is increasing around online data use and in response, browsers are arming consumers with privacy tools to prevent tracking. So what is your strategy in the age of digital privacy as a norm? Hear from an Exponea Privacy Expert in the zero party data spotlight to find out:
  • Recent privacy changes affecting the market
  • What is zero party data and how to utilise it
  • How to craft a mutually beneficial privacy strategy

“What an epic and wonderful day! Congratulations on a world-class event. It was absolutely stellar.”

Lisa Jones,
EyeMail Inc

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