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Concept By Exponea

It all started with a game of chess

The best chess player in the world is neither Garry Kasparov nor IBM Deep Blue. It is Centaur, a combination of man and machine. Exponea is bringing the same approach to consumer analytics.

Learn & Command

What’s the conversion rate for our facebook campaigns?

What’s our most profitable segment?

Let’s give them a 20% discount if they shop right now

Centaur listens to voice commands and responds via AI.

Reach Business Results Faster
with Real-Time Triggers and Actions

Real-Time Triggers
Customer profile change
Personal details, Product portfolio
Transactional behavior change
Purchase value, Purchase frequency
Customer service interaction
Online / App interactions, Offline interactions
Triggered Actions
E-mail Online Banner / Web FB Messenger
SMS Push Notification Call Center
Backend Export Remarketing
Triggered Actions
E-mail Online Banner / Web
FB Messenger SMS
Push Notification Call Center
Backend Export Remarketing


Centaur is using Natural Language Interfaces to Databases (NLIDB). The question answering system comprises two components: question analysis and answer retrieval. Given an input question, the question analysis component produces key terms, question class/category and question structure.

Exponea Centaur is not just a wireless earbud!
It is the gateway to Exponea's robust direct execution ecosystem
for end-to-end analytics & engagement automation.

Centaur Will Use Direct Execution Ecosystem of Exponea

  • Know your customers...
  • ...like no-man can...
  • ...and respond in real-time.
  • Traffic identification
    Identify customers regardless of device they are using

  • User segmentation
    All user information and behavior history and in one place

  • Behavioral analytics
    Track performance and KPI metrics that matter to your business

  • Insights as a service
    Analyze behavior, customer journey and trends in real time

  • Prediction models
    Segment users by any combination of attributes

  • Attribution models
    Predict behavior and Identify the best campaigns and channels

  • Triggered campaigns
    Perform tailored automated omnichannel marketing

  • Proactive web leads
    Adapt your website to users’ preferences and past behavior

  • Home page personalization
    Test and evaluate versions to find optimal design and content

Be smarter, faster and more efficient
with the advanced scenario creator

Save Time and Sanity
All in one solution integrating analytics & automation

No IT needed
Implementation takes less than hour and after that, your creativity is given the free rein

ROI or money back
Get value during your pilot project in less than 60 days

Endless customization
Improve conversions thanks to sandbox approach with all the required tools

Start getting value in 48 hours

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user experience

Day 2

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Day 3 - 14


direct campaigns

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