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Full-Stack Experience Cloud
for online B2C businesses.

Exponea is the all-in-one platform for acquisition,
conversion & retention of customers

Key Capabilities

Full suite of personalization & engagement solutions to drive revenue and engagement throughout the customer journey.

Omni‑Channel Communication Orchestration

By consistently communicating with customers across all channels, devices, and touchpoints; your company can significantly improve the customer experience, resulting in higher conversion and retention rates.

Comprehensive Email Management

Email is still a very important channel. Exponea enables you to run regular, triggered, and special email campaigns. Optimize them with A/B tests and AI. Easily integrate them with other channels (push notifications, web, call center, etc.).

AI Powered

Recommendations & Personalization

A personalized experience is expected by 79% of customers, but less than 20% of e‑commerce businesses provide it. Exponea delivers multiple approaches and makes it easy to choose the best option with A/B testing.

AI Powered

Predictive Analytics & Segmentations

Understanding your customers, their buying and churn patterns is critical for setting effective marketing, product or sourcing strategy. Exponea’s unrivaled analytics & segmentations capabilities help to focus on customers with the highest likelihood of conversion.

AI Enhanced

Ad Management

Get a unified view of performance from all your online ad campaigns. Use online interactions and CRM data to define your retargeting and look‑alike audiences. Let AI manage your ads to achieve maximum performance.

Attribution Modelling

Most ad platforms generate reports that significantly overstate their value. Exponea provides an independent omni‑channel attribution model enabling you to objectively assess the ROI of your marketing.

Tool Integrations & Easy Extensions

The marketing ecosystem is rich and top results are often achieved by integrating a collection of best‑of‑breed tools. Hence, we’ve integrated Exponea with multiple external tools and made further additions easy.

Data Tracking & Long‑Term Storage

Exponea tracks all online interactions via tags and enables imports from existing systems. All data builds a real‑time profile of individual customers and can trigger desired actions. Exponea can securely store all information in Hadoop or BigQuery.

The newest capability

The first voice-controlled experience cloud in the world.

Exponea logo is now integrated with Amazon Alexa logo

Key features


Run effective, automated campaigns independently of your IT department. With our powerful scenario designer, clients finally gain full control over their marketing efforts.


Exponea comes as a fully integrated experience cloud, allowing you to leverage the power of deep customer analysis to drive your company to incredible business results.


Native integration with the best of breeds tools.

PostgreSQL datasource

PostgreSQL datasource

MySQL datasource

MySQL datasource

BigQuery datasource

BigQuery datasource

Shopify Ecommerce solution

Ecommerce solution

Facebook Ads Marketing API

Facebook Ads
Facebook Marketing API

Zapier Connect your apps

Connect your apps

Amazon Alexa Digital Assistant

Amazon Alexa
Digital Assistant

Imports & Storage

We built our own real-time data storage and combined it with the world's best technologies. Your customer data is safe, yet accessible, anytime and anywhere.

BlinkBytes real-time data storage

BlinkBytes real-time data storage

Hadoop permanent storage

Hadoop permanent storage

CRM with 360° customer behaviour history

CRM with 360° customer behaviour history

Rich API for 3rd-party integrations

Rich API for 3rd-party integrations

Data import wizard

Data import wizard

Start now

Start today, see value tomorrow

Quote from Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce at Ebuyer
"“Exponea’s powerful communications platform and predictive analytics capabilities were the perfect fit for our business and will enable us to deliver personalised and high-quality experiences to all our customers.”"
Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce at Ebuyer