Exponea’s Vision and Mission

Jozo KovacGeneral

fashion e-commerce analytics platform

We have spent some time crystallizing Exponea’s identity, and now we’d like to share the result with you – our customers, partners and followers.


We envision a future in which companies truly understand their customers and communicate with them in an engaging way.


We are building a service that empowers online B2C companies to tap into all the value of customer interactions, from tracking to understanding to optimizing.

Having defined our target market (B2C companies making revenue from online sales) and core customer outcome (optimize business through customer understanding), we stand stronger than ever, ready to push towards these common goals.

We will inevitably make a lot of changes to our product, and we’ll always check them for consistency with the vision and mission statements above. We’ll need your feedback to know how well are we doing in getting closer to those goals, and we count on you being open with us.