What’s new – August & September

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Product Updates

We would like to introduce recent news and changes in the application. We significantly improved our Customer Profile, added two-step verification, Data Mapping, and improved the functionality of our Catalogs. All these updates will deliver a better experience with the application, increase the security of your data, and enable upcoming features.

Scenario History

Why: Scenario History enables you to view, compare or restore any of the preceding version of your actual scenario. This will help you discover any errors which may have  happened during the design process and prevent situations like accidental deletion.

See how it works in the following video.

New Customer Profile

Why: the new Customer Profile provides a one-stop location for your customer service teams to immediately understand each individual customer. The new Profile contains the most important e-commerce, personal, and event-related customer data. The layout is displayed across three separate screens, making it easy to navigate around different groups of data.

Overview –  personal and e-commerce data

Properties and Events – records of all events associated with a specific customer

Consents –  data related to the unsubscribe and marketing communication policy


The Overview page displays all personal and e-commerce information you need to know about a specific customer.

Personal data – contact/basic info, key predictions, key segmentations.

E-commerce metrics – items viewed (number), purchases (number), revenue, last order/campaign.

Visualisation of product data – the profile can display the last viewed,  added  to cart, and purchased products of a specific customer.

Visualization of recommendation models – easily preview what products will be recommended to a specific customer, based on the selected recommendation model.

Properties and Events

This screen displays all data related to customer identifiers,  properties (attributes) and events. Any customer property can be changed directly on the screen. The update includes a new event filter that enables a search using multiple events, event attributes, values, and time.  


With the new Consent screen you can now easily revoke all consents with a single click.

Note: the best possible experience with the new Customer Profile requires using our Data Mapping and the functionality of our new Catalogs.


Why: we added  two-step verification to provide an enhanced protection of all the data contained in Exponea. The second authentication step eliminates any vulnerabilities associated with single-step verification (password only), like phishing, theft, or accidental loss. 

If your password becomes compromised and two-step verification is enabled, your customer data in Exponea are still protected by the additional security layer.  Currently, we support authentication via the Authenticator APP. It is a simple and very effective method of protecting your data. You just need to download the Authenticator App, generate the authentication code, and enter it directly into the Exponea App during the login process. We highly recommend two-step verification to all our users.

To enable two-step verification, follow these steps.

Data Mapping

Why: this feature allows Exponea to understand clients’ data, simplify and enhance advanced features, and improve the overall experience with the application.

Data Mapping helps Exponea understand your custom data structure without the need to change the current naming standards. This will enable the automation and simplification of advanced features.

What data are mapped?

E-commerce events – purchase, purchase item, add/remove from cart, view item/category

Purchase event attributes –  purchase_id, purchase_status, total_price, total_quantity

Customer properties  – first/last name, gender, birthday, email, phone, address


  • New Customer Profile screen
  • Automated campaign attribution
  • Pre-defined dashboards
  • Improved training and evaluation of recommendations
  • Automated predictions
  • Inventory Management

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New Catalogs

Why: this feature allows Exponea to understand catalog data, simplify and enhance advanced features, and improve the overall experience with the application.  

New catalogs will enable faster updates and inserts to your catalogs, and ensure better stability of the application. You can now also match pre-defined catalog labels (e.g. price, brand, size) with the naming conventions in your catalogs, which will help  Exponea understand your product properties. As a result, product recommendations will be more accurate.

The new catalogs now provide the possibility of picking up to 20 catalog columns, which will be searchable (indexed) and available in recommendations, and will allow you to use our upcoming features like Inventory Management.


  • Prerequisite for Inventory Management
  • Improved recommendations experience
  • Enhanced stability
  • Analysis of historical data using daily snapshots from catalogs
  • New Customer Profile screen

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