What do 4 Forbes-cover CEOs have in common? They are all advanced analytics users!

Peter IrikovskyGeneral

Why is it that so many companies with so many great ideas do not end up as world leaders in their respective fields? I personally believe you need a great gut feel when you start, but you need to switch to fact-based decision-making to be able to scale the business. This is definitely not easy. Here are four CEOs who managed to do just that, and that is why they rightfully deserve the Forbes cover spot.


These companies are the best customers you might wish for. Not only do they use facts, they expect to be challenged and they also challenge us. They are never satisfied. And to me, that’s what makes them successful. Take Skypicker as an example. It is the fastest growing flight booking site in the world and an epitome of what I described.

Skypicker has a unique algorithm which enables them to find flights that other portals miss. This fuelled their amazing growth, initially. Most CEOs would celebrate and rest on their laurels. Not so Oliver, who kept pushing for more. He brought in the “unsung heroes” from inside the organization. At Skypicker, their names are Martin and Andrej, a marketer and an analyst who managed to cope with the incredibly messy data dump sourced from hundreds of airlines, agents and other parties, and set up analytics with Exponea. So far so good, but nothing to write home about…

The unique point came when the data revealed insights that got Oliver so excited that he spent hours reviewing the analyses and learning about their customers with Martin and Andrej. Thanks to this, Skypicker was able to launch their member-get-member (first mgm campaign of this type with Exponea) and smart marketing acquisition campaigns. These resulted in a sharp increase of direct (not affiliate) flight bookings, making Skypicker even stronger.

The stories behind the success of other great CEOs, such as Martinus’s Michal, Pixel’s Simon, and Sygic’s Miso are very similar. Their and their teams’ hunger for knowledge and analytical insights, and their ability to leverage new tools to boost revenue is what distinguishes the great from the good. The great CEOs genuinely care about their customers and don’t hesitate to roll out their sleeves to understand them.

This experience leads me to make a strong statement: There will be no successful global online company whose CEO is not an advanced analytics user. What do you think?