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Welcome Our First Exponea Masterminds!

Product Jul 11, 2018 Lucia Hraskova 2 min read

At Exponea, we want to make sure that our clients can use our tool to its fullest potential, maximizing the benefit for their business. We also want to make sure to recognize users that are truly proficient at using it. That is why we have started certifying our power users. It’s great to have skills, better to have a certificate – especially one signed by our very own Exponea Professor.

Introducing Exponea’s Proficiency Certification

We have created a practical exam that tests knowledge of all the core features of Exponea (web layers, email campaigns, scenarios, recommendations, etc.), as well as general knowledge (data management, use of the consent framework to be able to function comfortably under GDPR).

We started by picking three of the users among our clients that we considered to be power users already – and we are happy to say that all of them passed the exam and are now proud holders of the Exponea Mastermind certificate!

Congratulations goes to:

What Comes Next?

We would, ideally, want all our users to be Exponea Masterminds. That is why customer education goes hand in hand with the certification initiative.

Developing materials that will help our users prepare for the exam, specifically, is just the first step.

True to our mission – To Empower Smart People, Our Own & Our Clients’, to Be Globally Competitive – we want to continuously improve our clients knowledge of Exponea by creating tutorials, trainings, better documentation and so on – all under the roof of Exponea University.

We realized along the way that many of our users focus on a limited number of features. Since we do not want to penalize them, nor lower the standard of the general exam, we are planning to introduce separate, more in-depth, certificates for individual features in the future. A user that holds all of them will then be able to apply for the overall, Mastermind, certificate.

We are also considering creating an additional module – to test the kind of skills required for integrating Exponea and dealing with the more technical aspects of it – the equivalent of our technical consultants.
Right now, we are happy to have closed – and learned from – the pilot stage. We are fine-tuning the process to be able to start certifying our users at scale as soon as possible.

We believe that, if it isn’t already, being a certified user of Exponea will soon be a great competitive advantage in a job market where more and more e-commerce businesses use our tool to thrive.

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