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Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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Weird Fish and Watchdog: A winning combination

Nov 04, 2020 Carl Bleich 5 min read

After just under a year of using the Exponea Customer Data & Experience Platform, United Kingdom-based fashion retailer Weird Fish was a happy customer.

Ben Mercier, Weird Fish’s Customer Director, detailed the positive difference that Exponea made for his company.

“The work we have done with Exponea has been fantastic since we started our partnership 12 months ago,” Mercier said. “Our online growth has been exponential and a big part of our success is down to the strategy we have undertaken with Exponea. We now have solid foundations in place, with great quality data, that enables us to get accurate insights, helping to shape our decisions.”

“The online growth in these challenging times has been immense,” said Steve Hammond, Weird Fish’s Head of E-commerce. “With the use of the Exponea platform, we are understanding more about our customers. That will allow us to communicate with these specific customers in a more targeted and strategic way now and in the future.”

While Weird Fish was very happy with the performance of Exponea’s Customer Data and Experience Platform, it wanted to take its Exponea experience to new heights.

Enter Plug&Play use cases.

What is Exponea’s Plug&Play?

A Plug&Play use case is a turnkey solution built on expert knowledge that has been collected by Exponea over years of working with top clients in the market. These out-of-the-box use cases enable you to create hyper-personalized and ready-to-launch marketing campaigns that follow best practices with minimal time-to-value. 

Exponea has over 45 different Plug&Play use cases ready for easy implementation that will help your business solve a pesky problem or optimize operations in a specific area. Some Plug&Play use cases include a post-purchase NPS survey email, free delivery banner, birthday & half-birthday campaigns, or an abandoned browse flow.

Exponea’s Plug&Play use cases have had proven success with multiple customers across a myriad of industries.

Exponea P&P Use Cases

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“We can launch sophisticated, hyper-personalized use cases within minutes,” said Alper Gondiken, Head of Strategic Initiatives for Exponea. “We have developed Plug&Play so that our customers can maximize the value they get from Exponea in the fastest time possible.”

Plug&Play use cases allow Exponea users to improve upon an exact issue or address a specific problem with marketing automation.

Implementation is fast as well. Exponea estimates that it would take as little as a few minutes and no more than a few days to implement most Plug&Play use cases, depending on how particular businesses chose to fine-tune the design of use case assets.

The Watchdog automatic price drop alert

One of the Plug&Play use cases that Weird Fish added was the “watchdog automatic price drop alert”. 

What is that exactly? Glad you asked. 

Imagine your company has a subscriber who is particularly interested in two of your t-shirts online. This customer views the shirts multiple times but for whatever reason, just does not pull the trigger and make the purchase. 

If your company had Exponea’s watchdog automatic price drop alert use case, it would increase the chances that the aforementioned customer eventually purchased those t-shirts when they went on sale. 

The products your customer added and abandoned would be added into the customer’s profile as “watchdog items”. When your company puts those previously viewed t-shirts on sale, the scenario automatically recognizes this and notifies the customer via email that the items previously viewed can now be purchased at a discount.

This drives buyers back to your website and gives them that final push to finally purchase those items all with little to no effort on your end. 

This initiative automatically adjusts and instantly personalizes communications for hundreds or thousands of customers who meet the same criteria. 

Imagine your revenue – How many would come back and make the original purchase? How many would look around further and purchase more items? All because you let Exponea help you target customers in a way that grows your business long-term. 

Weird Fish wins with watchdog

Now, back to Weird Fish. How did this Plug&Play use case actually work in a real-life scenario? 

Like many retailers, Weird Fish employs a strategy of running promotions when new trends and styles come into season. Combining this with the watchdog automatic price drop alert had the potential to be very successful because of the volume of opportunities. 

The results were overwhelmingly positive, according to Alex Jefferis, an E-commerce Developer for Weird Fish. 

“We ran this campaign in the summer to customers who had browsed full price items but had not converted,” Jefferis said. “The email was triggered and sent to all customers with a ‘price drop’ alert and the results were fantastic! We drove significantly increased conversion rates and unlocked further revenue potential utilizing this Exponea Plug&Play use case.”

The email performance saw an unprecedented conversion rate and robust order numbers. In total, Weird Fish’s conversion rate was 429% higher on price drop notification emails compared to other campaigns. The message also resulted in an increased click rate and open rate when considering audience engagement.

weirdfish watchdog results

Now a special feature like the watchdog automatic price drop alert must have taken Weird Fish ages to implement, right?


The use case was ready in Weird Fish’s Exponea environment within minutes. Weird Fish chose to modify the out-of-the-box design of the email to better fit its brand and wound up finishing the design edits in under three weeks. That small amount of work led to a consistently increased conversion rate and more sales.

The extra implementation time didn’t just pay off with better numbers for Weird Fish. The company was recognized with an inaugural Exponie award for its remarkable results. Weird Fish’s use of the watchdog automatic price drop alert use case won the “Exponential Growth” award at the Exponies awards. 

Chris Marriott, the president and founder of Email Connect, was one of the judges who picked Weird Fish for the Exponie. 

“I am a huge fan of the watchdog feature as I think it’s a great way to capture a sale from a hand raiser who just needs a little more incentive,” said Marriott. “My only question is this: why isn’t every single retailer on the Exponea platform using this feature to sell more?”

We’d like to know the same, Chris.

Find your optimal Plug&Play use cases today

Are you intrigued by Weird Fish’s success? The watchdog automatic price drop alert Plug&Play use case has a proven track of driving the conversions of curious shoppers who need that extra push to buy. 

Or maybe you have another area that is in need of some extra attention. There are over 45 different Plug&Play initiatives already developed by Exponea to cover a myriad of topics. They are all designed to help your business achieve a goal or solve a problem as quickly as possible.

Whether it is a zero party data collection banner, an automated Instagram content newsletter or something totally different, there is a Plug&Play initiative that exists to help you with the need that your company has right now. Do not miss this opportunity to get more information about which Plug&Play use case fits your company.


Discover The Next Generation Of CDP

Exponea's CDXP gives marketers the complete toolset they need for creating incredible customer experiences, by bringing together AI-driven marketing automation, real-time analytics and UX optimization with a best-in-class CDP.

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Carl works with Exponea experts to produce valuable, customer-centric content. A trusted expert with over 15 years of experience, Carl loves exploring unique ways to turn problems into solutions in the martech space.  

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