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    Product Apr 10, 2018 Jozef Orgonas 3 min read

    Each day, thousands of e-commerce gurus are struggling with new challenges. How to increase revenue per visitor? Which technology offers me a quick return on investment and still helps with conversion growth? We don’t say we know the answers to all of your questions, but definitively to most of them. And we don’t have a problem sharing our knowledge. On the contrary, we love to share it. That’s the reason you can meet us at so many events!

    Victor Krylov at Superweek 2018

    More and more often the competitive advantage of the e-commerce businesses is determined by the ability to quickly recognize customer needs, implement changes based on data from many sources. New business models in e-commerce, advanced personalization and recommendation technologies – we spoke about these challenges at one of the biggest online marketing conferences in Poland, E-commerce Trends 2018. Have you ever thought of using consumer psychology and personalization to drive sales? We did, because we know that:

    • A targeted pop-up can bring growth of up to 58 % in conversion after just 1 day of implementation.
    • Countdown weblayers can achieve a 16 % conversion rate increase and 17 % growth in revenue per visitor.
    • A 2-day use case implementation (including idea creation and setup in Exponea) can bring up to a 58 % conversion rate growth, in less than 2 weeks.
    • Customer journey evaluations for our client (a leading telco operator) resulted in a 190 % call center conversion rate increase with less than 2 months on return of investment (from idea, through segmentation testing, to evaluation).

    We are a technology company first, but in actuality we are the fastest growing SaaS company in Europe. But we always start with a use case. With your use case.
    We are curious about problems in the e-commerce world that you are facing. Do you feel that people are dropping out of your sales funnel and you want to win a losing battle? With Exponea you can create a campaign targeted at recognizing users and a combination of abandoned cart campaigns with our AI-optimized delivery, you will surely win the battle. We don’t talk about our product, we try to find a solution for your particular problem and how we can bring value to your project from the very beginning. It’s all about value, isn’t it?
    And as we know, that you choose your solution provider based on your own KPI’s, we strongly believe, that a short return of investment is an essential part of your choice. At Savant Germany 150 senior decision makers from the TOP 100 online retailers in Germany met and shared their ideas and strategies on how to move towards customer-centric retailing. Exponea was more than present and our experts spoke about maximizing the potential of your acquisition, conversion and customer lifetime value programs by leveraging powerful AI capabilities. The result? An orchestrated, data-driven, marketing communication that maximizes revenue. Your revenue.

    See how our client discovered the features of Exponea and how they exceeded expectations!

    We have very skilled and dedicated consultants (NPS > 55) who have in-depth experience in omni-channel marketing. More than 160 experts work at Exponea across the continent. Our experts (including Google certified trainers) love to share their knowledge about what we do and what we can do for your business with our AI-powered technology. We understand that local market knowledge is a key element for success – our consultants speak your language and are ready for a tailor-made solution for your e-commerce nightmare. Want to find out how we can solve your challenges and help to fulfill your KPI’s? Meet us, talk to us, challenge us. You can meet us at one of the upcoming e-commerce events!
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