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    Getting smarter vouchers with Exponea

    May 24, 2017 Robert Capla 2 min read

    Discount vouchers (or coupons, if you prefer) are a simple, yet very powerful tool when it comes to customer activation or acquisition. We all love discounts, even more when they’re direct and personal. Marketers on the other end, want to make them targeted, trackable and most of all – effective. At Exponea, we believe, vouchers work great for both.

    What can I do with vouchers?

    Vouchers can be useful in many cases and we’re excited to see what ideas you can come up with. Here’s just a handful of ideas we hope will inspire you.

    • Anniversary gift
      Email your customers on the anniversary of them becoming your customers. Add a unique  voucher code with a discount on any order made within two weeks.
    • Reactivate customers
      Send an email with a discount voucher to a targeted segment of customers who haven’t made a recent purchase.
    • Fighting cart abandonment
      Send an email with a discount voucher to customers that have abandoned orders at checkout. Remind them to checkout before the voucher expires.
    • Activate indecisive customers while still browsing your site
      Show a web layer with a discount coupon to a customer who can’t decide on their purchase. Increase the cart size by adding a minimum cart value condition.
    • Reward customers for referring their friends
      Display a web layer after an order has been placed that includes a form where they can add their friend’s email addresses. Send an email with discounts to both of them.

    How does it work?

    • Start by creating a voucher pool for each campaign or discount.
    • Import your voucher codes to Exponea by pasting, uploading a CSV, or by querying your database.
    • Map individual columns to make sure data is imported the way you like.
    • Once Exponea has your coupons, go and create a campaign scenario to set rules and conditions for coupon distribution. You can then manage and track coupon usage directly in Exponea.

    Here’s a short screencast:

    Alternatively, if you want to keep voucher management on your side, Exponea can help you by firing a webhook to generate and send vouchers from your site to your customers.
    For more information see our guide on Exponea vouchers.

    Watch Exponea demo video!
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