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TOP 11 money-making features in marketing automation

Jul 06, 2018 David Miller 5 min read

There are many marketing automation solutions that exist these days, helping to elevate the e-commerce game. That being said, many features have gaps in their capabilities. More often than not, marketing automation companies can do a couple things well but still leave a lot to be desired in the whole spectrum of what’s now possible. This is largely due to companies buying one another out, resulting in poor interaction between their components. This translates into your features not being fully revenue-optimized.

Navigating the various options can be difficult, especially when considering the right marketing automation platform for your company. Make sure that your platform includes the various features and services that your customers want for an optimized experience.


The modular design concept is great for adding to any existing marketing automation platform that is already in play. This allows companies to optimize any areas that are simply lacking or just need to be strengthened. Each module is designed to fit with other platforms like a glove, creating harmony and delivering an increase in capital.

Here is a complete list of the TOP 11 MONEY-MAKING FEATURES and their capabilities that are sure to increase your revenue.

Predictive analytics and segmentation is a function that your company should lean on for understanding customer behavior and detecting patterns. With this module, you can use advanced data analytics to improve all marketing campaigns. Additionally, this gives a single customer view in real-time so that you can understand your customers more deeply.

Weblayers (banners) on your site are often used to directly increase revenue or shorten the path to purchase for your e-commerce company. This module really allows you to increase the amount of engagement on your site by creating a more personalized touch through your messaging. Weblayers allow you to catch the attention of anyone visiting the webpage (not just people registered by email), prolonging the time spent on any webpage and, eventually, leading to conversion.

Emailing integration is a very powerful feature that allows you to approach your target audience with dynamic messaging. Many companies offer this as a component of their overall solution but most of them lack the ability of ensuring that the message is sent at the perfect time. The “perfect time” is when a customer is assigned a different email send time based on his/her email open behavior.

Make sure that your solution is offering you a package that includes the right message, to the right person, at the perfect time.

Omni-channel orchestration “simply” makes sure that your customers are being offered the highest level of personalization along their journey. Communicate with contextualized messaging to each individual through their preferred channel. By asking your current provider to add this capability as one of your company’s strengths will lift your revenues.

Web optimization with A/B testing allows you to optimize your site by making real-time changes, visually. It may be fun to make changes, but it’s critical to have a control group and test group in place so that you know if your customer base is responding well to the visual changes. Multiple test groups are also possible to evaluate numerous designs at once (multivariate testing). Based on this data you will have an understanding of what they actually prefer. Other benefits include: personalization of website content and adding product recommendations directly to the webpage.

Product recommendations deploy the power of AI to make sure that you are making consistent and applicable product offers to each customer. Automated recommendations are based on each users’ preferences and their behavioral history and preferences of other users with similar taste. Obviously, this is a highly effective way to boost sales in e-commerce. If you are recommending irrelevant products to individuals – STOP! There is a smarter and much more efficient way of doing things.

Consent management is important for apparent reasons in the GDPR age. Your solution should allow you to design your subscription page and manage consents. This will help to offset any GDPR no-nos and ensure your compliance.

Real-time predictions are capable of having the foresight of your customers’ behavior with the implementation of machine learning and predictive analytics. This leads to smarter decision-making and highly effective targeting. Marketing campaigns powered by predictive data allows you to optimize all of your teams marketing endeavours. It is truly powerful to be able to predict the behavior of you customers.

Inventory management gives your company the analysis needed to reduce overstock issues or the contrary, running out of stock. This capability permits direct execution, meaning that it’s able to recommend products from stock, based on margins, product sales, and more. It is able to decrease the price on products which remain unsold for a long period of time or increase pricing on items which are running low in the stockroom. So much capital is often tied up in warehoused products and this is a unique tool that eliminates the unnecessary loss of profits.

Ad tech paves the way for a unified performance overview of all your ad campaigns. It takes the guesswork out of retargeting and finding your look-alike audiences. A truly great tool for cross selling to your userbase and defines a means to see ad performance.

Attribution modeling creates a way for you to see the ROI of your marketing activities, allowing you to monitor whether your efforts are making money, or not. Having this knowledge empowers better decisions on-the-spot or during future ad consideration.

Modularity in a marketing automation platform bridges the gap between features that many companies may currently use and what they would like to accomplish. With modular designs, it’s easy to implement one, two or several money-makers that are currently missing from your marketing automation strategy.

Integrated, modular solutions make sure that deploying these individual marketing automation features is seamless and they work in unison rather than compete against one another, which is risky when tying multiple specialized tools together.

The difference between choosing the correct modules for your company can make all the difference in whether you are leaving money on the table, or not.

E-commerce automated marketing solutions have come a long way in the past years and it is ultra-important that your company gets all the features that allow you to make your ROI quickly and permits revenue growth, steadily.

If you are currently in the market for a completely new solution or feel that your current provider is lacking some modules, see to it that you ask for the specific features that would benefit your company.


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