Theory and Practice Align When Great Minds Unite

David MillerWebinar

When Rusty Warner of Forrester and Andrej Misovic of T-Mobile came together at the Exponea office, great things were bound to be discussed. The experts were live for a webinar covering various practicalities that should be considered and implemented by the online business world.

There is no denying that today’s customer is more empowered than ever before. “Customers are more value-driven, digitally savvy and are advertising adverse”, Rusty commented. The average person uses their devices so frequently, they get desensitized by the barrage of advertisements. The message delivered to each customer must be personalized in a way that really means something to him or her. At Forrester, they call it “embracing customer contex”. In order to succeed, marketers need to understand that customers value experiences that makes their lives easier while adding usefulness and overall value. “If done right, you won’t just do it once, you will do it across the customer life-cycle”, Rusty added.

Another challenge that has stumped businesses is the ability to connect the online and offline world of customers. Integration of the two are very important and a way to optimize the customer experience. It helps in putting together a more complete customer profile which translates into more relevant messaging, by way of a completely personalized experience. The importance of real-time interactions and having information at the moment is critical in the execution of relevant marketing campaigns.

With emphasis placed on the ability to create meaningful systems of insight, utilizing customer data and real-time analytics, systems of engagement can be more meaningful in interactions, marketing automation and content. Jozo of Exponea really enjoyed this topic, saying “this is like the architecture of Exponea being customer-centric, with the customer at the center of insights and engagement”. He added “analytics are insights that are useless without actions”. Peter commented on the CEOs of companies going to their team with specific stories on individual customers after using the necessary data analyses. It is absolutely essential that management teams understand the emotions of their customers. Companies need to be customer-obsessed, not just in marketing but within the whole organization. There is prolific value that comes with being a customer-centric business.

The discussion also converged on the role that AI plays when implemented into online businesses and was made clear that it has the ability to close the insight-to-action gap. Customer identities become recognizable on a personal level by taking into account the history and merges with real-time insight. The consumers get appropriate touchpoints, better delivery and the dialogue improves significantly. AI has great applications and is a great facilitator in making decisions on what to offer the customer.

The experts had great input as to what can truly optimize the customer experience when they shop online. The key takeaways were that customer-centric companies generally have more success when they are able to deliver the best possible experience. AI can help each encounter of your customer to be more a more personalized and more meaningful, yet understanding collected data and understanding what your customer actually wants is at the forefront.

You can watch the webinar by clicking “HERE”.