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The E-Commerce New Normal: See Where You Fall

Take a short assessment and get placed on the New Normal Ecommerce Quadrant + get personalized next steps

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9 steps to transform the customer experience and challenge the status quo in Telco and Financial Services

Jun 26, 2020 Chris Williams 4 min read

It’s a great time to be a challenger.

Research shows that, for many people, purchases are often habitual; the brands they choose are narrowed to a small selection of the total market, based on semi-conscious factors like familiarity.

Moments of change present a great opportunity for marketers to interrupt these habitual cycles, as they create periods of reflection and force shifts in consumer behaviour.

We currently find ourselves in a period of international change, quite distinct from the gentle forward march of time. A jarring schism which has, by necessity, caused us to question how we are living our lives, from how we shop, to how we interact, to how we work.

This presents a significant opportunity for challenger brands to interject into the decision process of a vast number of consumers who are usually less receptive to change.

An opportunity for Telco and Financial Services   

Challengers who put a relentless focus on both the customer relationship and enabling that relationship through digital channels are well placed to challenge the goliaths with which they compete – particularly in Telco and Financial Services.

Whilst these organisations certainly have powerful assets in their agility and often more intimate brand identity, now is absolutely the time to level up their capacity to understand, interact with, and delight customers at scale. 

Exponea and The Experience Works have partnered to help challenger brands in Telco and Finance supercharge their insight and interaction capability, leapfrogging the pitfalls and pain of organic evolution, to embed the expertise and technology required to ensure fantastic, intelligence-led, customer management.

As part of our work, we have created a list of the most important steps brands in these spaces need to deliver on while on their way to customer nirvana.

9 steps to challenge the status quo 

1. Create a Single Customer View

We can’t overstate this enough, the data may not be the super exciting bit (for some), but it is the most important! You wouldn’t build a mansion on quicksand.
Bringing together relevant data, from all sources, in real-time, is the cornerstone of everything that follows. Without it, the chances of maximising the value of any investments or activity-dependent on data are vanishingly small.

2. Identify the most effective acquisition channels

Use predictive analytics and propensity to buy to score and rank leads in buyer segments, then use these to engage buyers in real-time. For example, retargeting across search, social and mobile apps or sending customer insights to call centre sales associates.

3. Improve web-lead generation and conversion

Harness website, email, and mobile personalisation to optimise tailored content and messaging for individual segments. Use psychographic data to engage leads on an emotional level.

4. Embed customer tracks

Industrialise and structure key journeys – welcome, onboarding, retention, win-back – and management of high and ultra-high value customers, with triggered and model-driven tracks. This helps ensure segment objectives are achieved, potential CLV is maximised, and journey narratives are cohesive.

5. Journey analytics

Journeys are great… to a point, but we all know the dangers of assuming people will behave in specific ways. Journey analytics are vital for understanding struggle points and how different customers track through touchpoints to ensure your customers have simple, pain-free interactions.

6. Ensure seamless omnichannel interactions

By centralising customer planning & logic for marketing, sales, and service; and integrating contact centre, retail, and eCommerce, with digital marketing channels, ensure customers are able to have seamless conversations with you across the lifecycle.

7. Next best action for in-life comms

Blend machine learning with human creativity to ensure in life customers are served a personalised experience at the point of interaction, ensuring cross-sell / upsell opportunities are maximised.

8. Capture, and react to, customer sentiment

Automate NPS capture and track sentiment as a driver of a culture of continuous improvement.

9. Foster a culture of curiosity and science

Put analytics and curiosity at the heart of decision making, to avoid received wisdoms & marketing myths, experiment often on a small scale – whether that’s behavioural or analytical, and use data to augment human ingenuity

How to get started

Getting this right is not easy. It requires the right thinking, technology, and expertise, and should be viewed as a journey, rather than a big bang. Companies will find themselves at different stages of that journey, some with a clearly defined end goal, and others through organic growth and necessity.

Exponea has prepared an assessment to help companies determine how far along companies are in their journey. While it was created primarily for ecommerce brands, it can also be applied to Telco and Financial Services. After taking the assessment, you’ll receive personalised next steps tailored to your results. 

Exponea & The Experience Works together offer all of the external ingredients you need to undertake this journey at pace. Bringing together deep knowledge, fantastic technology, and a laser focus on driving commercial outcomes through amazing CX, our aim is to ensure businesses and customers benefit.


The E-Commerce New Normal: See Where You Fall

Take a short assessment and get placed on the New Normal Ecommerce Quadrant + get personalized next steps

meet the authors
Chris Williams
Partner Channel Manager at Exponea
Chris Williams is Partner Channel Manager for the UK, responsible for recruiting high performing agency solution partners. Chris works with a network of experienced data, analytics and CRM agencies to ensure clients maximise the value of their Exponea investment and receive first class consultative marketing support.
Karl Dixon
Practice Lead, Technology & Change at CVM People
Karl Dixon is Practice Lead, Technology & Change at CVM People and has also set up Experience Works to help challenger brands compete against market leaders by transforming the customer experience. Karl has built a team of people who bring significant expertise across data & behavioural science, customer interaction management, high performance culture, and experience-led design principles. They are distilling this expertise into solutions specifically tailored toward market challengers - making complex subjects accessible, providing solutions that implement quickly and focus on commercial benefit, and do so in a flexible, transparent model.

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