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Q4 Product Roadmap

Product Nov 21, 2018 Maros Gardon 2 min read

The preceding quarters of 2018 were strongly focused on innovation, bringing about new features and capabilities like web optimization, the Campaign Calendar, Predictive Daily Campaigns, Inventory Management, and many more.
Now, at the end of the year, we have decided to build on what we have already accomplished and improve the existing capabilities to deliver an even better user experience, saving you time through automation and feature enhancements.
Below, you can find our feature-by-feature roadmap with detailed descriptions of the Q4 improvements.

Q4 – Enhancing Features and User Experience


Funnel trends – will enable you to compare the conversion of funnels over time, and see the impact of your marketing efforts, as well as any changes you introduced to your e-commerce (e.g. redesign of the purchase process).
SQL Reports – will deliver better insights and advanced personalization to your customers by combining data from other sources with the data contained in Exponea.


Push notifications – we are adding the ability to send rich push notifications to web browsers or mobile devices (including buttons, images, deep links).
Automated evaluation and overview – of any campaign executed in Exponea (no need to build custom reports).
Webhook speed limits – we are adding the ability to make your webhooks slower, allowing them to integrate with services that have data processing limitations (e.g. SMS Gateways).

Web Experience

Weblayers + Experiments editor – by merging two of our web optimization modules, you will have everything you need to provide a better web experience for your customers, in one place. Make web changes, launch weblayers, and A/B test the changes using the same WYSIWYG editor.

Attribution Models

Global control group – find out how much revenue Exponea brings into your business by comparing customers that were targeted by our campaigns to customers who did not receive the campaign.


Our vision is clear, and our goals are set. While we always strive to innovate, there are times when we need to ensure that our existing features are able to provide the best possible user experience before delivering new ones.  Once we accomplish our Q4 goals, we will continue to add more advanced functionalities, alongside our efforts to simplify and automate the current ones. 
We believe that our Q4 enhancements will provide the experience you expect from a world-class marketing platform. 


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