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Increased campaign performance to handle peak of the season and lot of minor fixes reported by our consultants and users.

We’re updating Exponea on a weekly basis. Here, we collect the history of more important updates. For the most important ones, we’ll also show you a message in the app itself.

Pro tip: Current version number is always printed as a comment in the page’s source code, use ‘show source’ to check the version. Reload your browser to make sure the latest update if fully loaded.

Release 1.137 (2018-August-15) 


Predictions now provide the possibility to predict:

  • the probability of a certain action (email open, purchase, churn),
  • customer engagement with one of the defined segments,
  • the value of any customer aggregate (customer lifetime value, number of purchases, etc.).

Mobile & Python SDKs

  • Track customer behavior, personalize mobile application and increase customer engagement with push notifications. We support two main platforms Android & IOS with new brand SDKs that are tagged with production version 1.0
  • Python SDK is here for developers/integrators who want to make integration with their systems running on Python. Python SDK provides support for tracking and all Data API routes.

Minor changes

  • Google Adwords is rebranded to Google Ads. You can find more information in Google announcement
  • Account & project search in a top right corner now prioritize project before account search
  • Sender e-mail address is being validated based on your email domain. Because of security reasons, you are not able to use different sender email than your email domain anymore

Release 1.136 (2018-August-06)

Data mapping
  • This functionality enables Exponea to understand your events structure and customer properties. It will bring you a better recommendation and analytics experience while keeping your own naming standards. You can find this feature in Data & Assets -> Data manager -> Data mapping
Security improvements
  • More secure database connection via SSH tunnels for Oracle and MSSQL databases
  • More secure database connection thanks to SSL encryption for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
  • Use zooming & panning feature to improve your efficiency in the scenario editor
  • Emails (campaign events) with status delivered, opened & clicked now trigger scenarios
Release 1.135 (2018-July-13)
Security improvements
  • More secure database connection via SSH tunnels for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases
Release 1.134 (2018-July-4)
Catalog improvements
  • Improving the stability of catalogs and imports
  • New catalog type – Product catalog
  • Product catalog helps you to improve the experience of your recommendations
  • Read more about Product catalogs imports
  • We add new email provider – SendSay. You can use SendSay in a same way as our existing email providers
  • Import larger audiences to Google AdWords thanks to improved throughput
Release 1.133 (2018-June-20)
Consents management:
  • Consents/Consents framework renamed to Consents management
  • Use a new category – Legitimate interest(LI) in a Consents management. LI is one of the consent types according to GDPR. LI might help you to process personal data without actively asking your customer. Difference between Consents and LI is described a documentation
  • Personalize a consent page with a Jinja. The customer profile is accessible via Jinja on a consent page

Release 1.132 (2018-June-15)

Consents management improvements & changes:
  • Access a consent page from your website. Read more about this feature in a documentation
  • For a communication, you can set up consent categories in all channels like web layers, tag manager, emails, push notifications…
  • “Unlimited” consent category is renamed to “General consent”. Read about consent categories and “General consent” specifically in a documentation
Data API changes:
  • Due to security reasons, the Public token authentication was turned off in a case of downloading data from the application. You can still use Basic authentication for downloading data

Release 1.131 (2018-May-23)

  • You can download valid consents and consent information through Data API
  • Easily create conditions and filters for valid consents using attribute picker

Release 1.130 (2018-May-10)

  • Fixed: Email screenshot previews can be viewed again
  • Fixed: Download customer data based on a data selection in a customer list

Release 1.129 (2018-May-2)

  • Read more about Exponea GDPR compliance and GDPR requirements in an inbuilt Privacy tutorial: Overview -> Privacy tutorial

Release 1.128 (2018-April-17)

  • New Consent Framework helps you track, manage, and utilize user data with respect to user privacy and new GDPR requirements
  • Use customizable HTML consent page enabling your customers to review and change consent status at any time
  • Consent categories allow you to effectively manage omni-channel communication and use various communication channels between you and your customers
  • Use consent overview to view consent status history for every customer
  • Learn more about Consent Framework 

Release 1.127 (2018-April-4)

  • Easily add recommendations to your page with Experiments
  • Fixed: Cloning dashboards
Release 1.126 (2018-Mar-21)
  • Dropped emails do not unsubscribe customers
  • Special headers for bulk emails to increase deliverability

Release 1.125 (2018-Mar-15)

  • Experiments support Jinja builder
  • Many UX improvements and fixes

Release 1.124 (2018-Mar-6)

  • New API for tracking and data manipulation. More info (
  • Generation of email previews through multiple platforms (mobile devices, email clients…)
  • Assigning specific email domains per email language
  • DoubleClick retargeting
  • Updated visual editor UX in Experiments
  • Visual editor in emails supports custom content in emails (blocks, conditions, recommendations)

Release 1.123 (2018-Feb-22)

  • AdForm integration – new channel used in ADs overview

Release 1.122 (2018-Feb-08)

  • Added custom headers & new methods (PUT, DELETE) to webhooks => see scenarios
  • Fixed: Item autocomplete in ‘Based on item’ recommendations
  • Fixed: Links in Outlook/IE specific e-mail parts are not tracked
  • Fixed: Bad AB-test classification in Experiments

Release 1.121 (2018-Jan-31)

  • Angular 2.0 rewrite. This will allow us faster APP development
  • MSSQL database – Azure support
  • Option to trigger scenario from event imports
  • Fixed: Catalog search error
  • Fixed: Google analytics audience creation
  • Fixed: Racking SDK was blocking some pages to load

Release 1.120 (2018-Jan-15)

  • Better Ads overview (Overview -> Ads overview)
  • New data manager (Data & Assets -> Data Manager)
  • New overview of your integrations (Data & Assets -> Integrations)
  • New integration – DoubleClick (Data & Assets -> Integrations)

Release 1.119 (2017-Dec-15)

  • Web personalisation
  • New recommendation presets (Home page, Product detail)
  • Event blacklisting in recommendations
  • Catalog imports optimizations
  • Webhook widgets

Release 1.118 (2017-Dec-5)

  • Retargeting – You can retarget more people with higher feed quotas for Google Analytics
  • Recommendations – Improved catalog filter that will always retrieve some recommendations
  • Fix: Testing emails do not transfer identity anymore
  • Fix: Live survey preview
  • Fix: Webhooks work properly with Cyrillic

Release 1.117 (2017-Nov-29)

  • Increased campaign performance – higher throughput in scenarios
  • Add Repeat action to Scenario tooltip
  • Fix: Back button does not work when going from scenario
  • Fix: Dashboard sizing does not work correctly
  • Fix: When adding user to project – admin checkbox does not work
  • Fix: When sorting in report I want to go to first page, not stay in n-th page
  • Fix: Similar items recommendation template – in test preview item ID picker is missing

Release 1.116 (2017-Nov-08)

  • Email sender settings is moved from Project settings to Integrations
  • Ability to add multiple email integrations or domains to single project
  • New prediction template: custom advanced model

Release 1.115 (2017-Oct-24)

  • Allow copying any language version of an email
  • New role in user management – Export (downloading customers & analysis results)

Release 1.114 (2017-Oct-13)

  • Campaign event mapping (see Project settings / Campaign events)
  • Custom web fonts can be used in Bee editor (see Project settings / Fonts)
  • Full screen mode in email builder
  • New recommendations templates

Release 1.113 (2017-Oct-06)

  • Reworked AB testing in Web Layers – Control group is now editable, banner.status = serve events removed
  • Configurable UTM parameters in Email campaigns and Scenarios
  • Faster first-time load of application

Release 1.112 (2017-Sep-27)

  • Redesigned Recommendations with new workflow – introduction of templates for easier setup of the models
  • Support of integrations with MSSQL & Oracle DB for importing data
  • New HTML editor is used throughout whole application
  • Fixed: special characters are now displayed in all graphs

Release 1.111 (2017-Sep-18)

  • Enable save HTML from visual email editor
  • Add communication policy to webhooks

Release 1.110 (2017-Sep-11)

  • Added option to create recurrent surveys (one customer can answer one survey multiple times)
  • Remove in-app notifications
  • Fixed: Save tag as a copy

Release 1.109 (2017-Aug-24)

  • Redesigned Predictions with new process using presets: Churn & Event prediction (more presets to come)

Release 1.108 (2017-Aug-21)

  • Exponea accounts – new entity to group multiple projects
  • New Context Menu in Scenarios
  • Enhanced Browser Notifications in Scenarios
  • 2 New Web Layer Templates (Countdown Banner)

Release 1.107 (2017-Aug-08)

  • Filtering known bots from tracking
  • Mobile version of Exponea at
  • Survey events can now trigger scenarios

Release 1.106 (2017-Jul-20)

  • Added support for XML and Text formats in webhook payload
  • Cyrillic names fixed in reports

Release 1.105 (2017-Jul-14)

  • Bug fixes and groundwork for new features
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Metrics rendering performance optimization

Release 1.104 (2017-Jul-7)

  • New action nodes in scenarios (Slack, Trello, Pipedrive, Zapier…)
  • Bug fixes and groundwork for new features

Release 1.103 (2017-Jun-26)

  • Added project Roles & Permissions
  • Added simple integration of third-party services (such as Slack) via webhook templates in Scenarios

Release 1.102 (2017-Jun-14)

  • Added Asset manager
  • Added an option to include Expressions in event filters in reports

Release 1.101 (2017-Jun-08)

  • Added an option to archive items across application (e.g. analyses or campaigns)
  • Personalised filter for excluding items from recommendations (blacklist)
  • Improved built-in auto-unsubscribe mechanism for dropped events
  • Recommendations now supports special characters in filters

Release 1.100 (2017-Jun-02)

  • Tag manager: improved version of content modifying
  • Bug fix for retargeting scenario node: Matching customers with phone number should now work properly in canonical form
  • Bug fix for showing web layers multiple times when set to show only once

Release 1.99 (2017-May-24)

  • New Vouchers: allows to import voucher codes and send them to your customers via any campaign
  • New Datepickers: significantly faster and much easier to use
  • Campaigns can be cloned to other projects with one click

Release 1.96 (2017-Apr-25)

  • New Geo Analyses: New analyses that visualize the customers on a world map
  • New Web layer template: Count down banner
  • Google Ads integration

Release 1.94 (2017-Apr-4)

  • Brand new campaigns flow: Design -> Test -> Evaluate introduced in all campaign types: Scenarios, Web Layers, Email campaigns & Surveys
  • Scenario Test mode features real estimation for all action nodes (dry-run)
  • Automatic evaluation dashboards for Email campaigns, Scenarios and Surveys
  • Redesigned Surveys with brand new matrix question

Release 1.92 (2017-Mar-28)

  • Reworked “Flows” analysis with greater user interface available for everyone
  • Attribution models manager now contains presets and has got improved UI
  • Fixed BigQuery issues with large tables
  • Improved in-app documentation
  • Event expiration checks changed from daily to hourly

Release 1.91 (2017-Mar-16)

  • Protection for an accidental overwriting of open analyses and campaigns – automatic check when saving analysis or campaign if there doesn’t existing a newer version and if exists then it can can be viewed, accepted or replaced
  • Faster loading of new screen in whole app
  • BigQuery integration improvements – support for queries, jobs and tasks in both imports & SQL reports

Release 1.90 (2017-Mar-08)

  • “Flows” are back, with more functionality than before
  • Integration with FB Marketing API: Custom audiences & Ads dashboards
  • Email policy can be set to hours (default for new projects changed to 12 hours, recommend also for existing projects)
  • The first load and reloads of Exponea are significantly faster
  • Campaigns now display a basic preview table before execution
  • Amazon Alexa integration is here (early access possible)

Release 1.89 (2017-Feb-27)

  • New “Email campaign” feature for sending simpler email campaigns
  • Support for multilingual email campaigns
  • New algorithm for AI driven AB tests in WebLayers
  • New Expression builder in Data management
  • Custom response attribution models with advanced settings
  • Enable to add and edit catalog items directly from user interface
  • Slightly faster dashboard rendering

Release 1.88 (2017-Feb-14)

  • Automatic AI driven AB tests added to WebLayers
  • Support for imports from Google BigQuery
  • New visual modifiers in report tables: summary, show value-as, visualize as a heatmap and highlight values

Release 1.87 (2017-Feb-07)

  • New event segmentation!
  • Date-pickers added to date values filter.
  • New integration with (email services provider)

Release 1.78 (2016-Dec-14)

  • New and a way faster implementation of tables & charts in Reports
  • Progressive loading of analyses into dashboards
  • Ability to use JSON webhook responses in Scenarios
  • Web layers evaluation for AB tested
  • Ability to search projects also by project token
  • Public dashboards are branded now

Known bugs:

  • Charts colors don’t have Exponea branding
  • Click on charts & tables doesn’t allow show customers and send campaigns
  • Sorting of tables doesn’t sort the chart
  • Time difference format in reports isn’t formatted properly
  • Time-picker window closes after user selects month/year from dropdown menu

Release 1.76 (2016/12/02) – 1.77 (2016/12/06)

  • Exponea, 7Segments and Infinario now have unified design
  • Main navigation: Removed “Project” from the main menu
  • Campaign overview and Project Overview added to Dashboards
  • Personalized email preview for a specific email address
  • Allow copy of analyses and campaigns between projects
  • New recommendation strategy: Metrics based

Release 1.64 (2016/10/18) – 1.75(2016/11/25)

  • Customer filters support brackets, e.g. (A or B) and (C and D) or E
  • Redesign funnels drill-down and conversion table
  • Web layers: add support for desktop/mobile targeting
  • Web layers: add inclusion/exlusion list for URLs that show layers
  • Redesign funnels drill-down and conversion table
  • Scenario AB split remembers variants for customers
  • Forecasting based on Markov process added Segmentation/Movements
  • Registration requires email and phone
  • Updating billing addresses on existing invoices
  • Improve import preview performance in URL imports
  • Redesigned funnel graph dropdown

Release 1.63 (2016/10/14)

  • Initiatives – the new way for structuring campaigns and analyses
  • Improved onboarding
  • Revamped email node in Scenario designer
  • Personalisation added to Wait node in Scenario designer
  • Zappier added to Integrations screen

Release 1.60 (2016/10/03)

  • New import wizard
  • Surveys, catalog items and recommendations enabled in Web Layers
  • Repeated triggers can be run multiple times per day from now
  • Public content URL support custom domains
  • Fixed Beefree editor incorrectly parsing email templates

Release Release 1.59 (2016/09/22)

  • New class of dynamic attributes: Running aggregates
  • Various types of prediction available in beta access
  • Fixed broken Android payment validation mechanism

Release 1.54 (2016/09/12)

  • More options for recommendation system
  • Changed in-app alerts behaviour

Release 1.40 (2016/07/13)

  • Multiple-type recommendations in early access 
  • Make sure all CRUDS have Save as copy option
  • Remove Download CSV button from List Email Designs
  • Update UX for invoicing

Release 1.36-39 (2016/07/11)

  • Collapsible navigation
  • Add date filter to metrics in jinja
  • Allow passing extra Jinja context to web layers
  • Use new analysis icon

Release 1.35 (2016/07/05)

  • Add personalisation support to Web layers – Hi John, you’re viewing this page for 5th time!
  • Added Save as copy support to Web layers
  • Projects and user settings redesign, accessible from everywhere in modal box
  • Follow up on redesigned constraint filter dropdown
  • Emails now automatically set UTM parameters to links 
  • Personalization now support data from saved reports (aka reports in Jinja) – Sale go well +30% increase from previous week!

Release 1.34 (2016/06/29)

  • On-event trigger in scenario now runs each 10 seconds (was 60 before)
  • Basin integration went modal

Release 1.33 (2016/06/25)

  • Scenarios statuses updated & can be filtered
  • Allow filtering by tags in dashboard’s component picker
  • Add “Show customers” feature to Report analysis (click on cell in chart or value in table)
  • Add button to test campaign webhook requests and improve webhook UX

Release 1.32 (2016/06/21)

  • Boolean filter improvement
  • Improve analysis screen UI

Release 1.31 (2016/06/21)

  • Multi ID preparation
  • New property type filter