Make Black Friday 2016 Your Most Successful One

Michal NovoveskyGeneral

Pump up your marketing for Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, you and your marketing team are almost ready to squeeze striking revenues out of it. You chose the right products, tailor-made your offer and came up with a mix of channels that’ll carry your message all the way to your customers’ wallets.

Then your IT replies.

Sorry, we can’t do this. The level of segmentation you’re asking for? Doable, but it would take too much time, sorry. Same with A/B testing, we’re understaffed now. Maybe next year?

And, just like that, you’re waving goodbye to your remarkable Black Friday campaign before you even launched it.

Shall we show you a way out?

Meet Exponea. The direct execution ecosystem that makes it easy for you to design, run and evaluate Black Friday marketing campaigns – or any other campaign, for that matter.

Can’t talk your IT into executing what you have in mind? You don’t need to.

Exponea lets you:

  • Own the course of your marketing efforts before, during and after Black Friday.
  • Design, launch and evaluate precisely segmented direct emails for the highest CTR.
  • Create special offers for each of your customers’ segments. Still with no need to get your IT involved.
  • Get real-time overview of what’s happening on your website during Black Friday, which offers are the most appealing to customers and how you should fine-tune your message to further boost your revenues.
  • Monetize Black Friday traffic later on. Just choose people who abandoned the checkout process and send them a follow-up offer next Monday.

2016’s Black Friday is coming in just a few weeks. A free consultation with our Value Delivery experts takes only 30 minutes.

Are you in?