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    (INTERVIEW) Drover quadruples email conversion rate with Exponea 

    Nov 27, 2019 Jordan Torpy 3 min read

    Drover, the flexible car subscription service, recently chose Exponea as their customer-centric marketing platform. We sat down with Johannes Ganter, their CRM Manager, to get some insight into how they use Exponea at their company.

    Tell us a little about Drover. What do you do?

    Drover provides customers with a new way to get a car. The customer makes one monthly payment, which includes their car, maintenance, servicing and breakdown cover as well as the option to take integrated insurance. No deposit required. We take the frustration out of choosing, paying for, and owning a car. 

    We’ve got 150 employees spread over three offices across Europe, and we’re challenging the typical car ownership model.

    What about your role, what are you responsible for?

    I’m the CRM manager, and I’m responsible for all the email campaigns, automated communications with our customers, and all technical implementations across our communications. 

    Why were you looking for a new provider? What were some of the challenges you were facing, and how were you dealing with them?

    When I first started with the company, we had a very scattered environment of various different tools. Every process and every feature we wanted to communicate used a different tool, which was very messy. 

    It wasn’t just the implementation and application of campaigns – reporting, preparing lists of customers to contact – everything needed a different tool.

    We didn’t have a way to automatically segment our audiences, or personalise messages beyond a basic level of using the customer’s first name. Instead we heavily relied on the product and tech teams, which led to long waits to make even small changes. 

    We imported and exported reports between different tools, which made some types of A/B testing impossible. Reporting was also difficult, as it was manual and time-consuming.

    What made you choose Exponea?

    We realized we needed a smarter solution. We had an internal discussion and Exponea was one of the providers we were considering. Seeing a demo of the platform was very helpful, as was the literature and information available online – it was clear what Exponea offered, and how they could help us. 

    The usual enterprise platforms in the market weren’t an option due to their long implementation times and highly complex, overlapping solutions. We wanted to see a tangible impact in a short amount of time.

    Exponea’s platform spoke for itself. The power and responsiveness of the tool was clear, the user-friendly interface is a big plus and the modular nature of its capabilities make it a flexible solution which is perfect for our needs.

    How was the implementation? Have you seen any results? 

    First of all, I’ve got to comment on the speed. We were up, running and seeing results within 3 weeks – we had data coming into the platform and we were executing campaigns. 

    The Exponea Academy and the smooth onboarding process gave us a great understanding of the basics of the platform, and helped things move quickly. The whole structure of the implementation process was great.

    I’m very pleased with the quick response time of the tool, and we started building campaigns using the visual scenario builder right away. Our campaigns run with minimal tech input, and they’re led by the marketing team. We’re now doing continual A/B testing. We’re looking forward to a quick and easy integration of our other existing tools, and we expect even more cross-collaboration across Drover thanks to Exponea.

    Have you seen any impact from Exponea?

    In short, yes.

    Freeing the marketing team from dependence on the product and tech teams speeds progress up a lot and makes us much more agile.

    The speed of launching new campaigns – we can create and launch campaigns within 1-2 hours in Exponea.

    Personalised campaigns: we can finally move beyond just using first names!

    Our email campaign conversion rate has grown from 1.65% to 8.79%. We’ve started campaigns with personalised content throughout, triggered by customer behaviour, and the impact they’ve had has been very impressive. 

    Do you have any future plans for Exponea?

    We originally got Exponea as a marketing tool but going forward, we also want to use it for our transactional emails and SMS campaigns, so everything is done within a single platform. This would give us full visibility into our customer interaction.

    We plan to use Exponea to build retention and loyalty and reduce churn. We want to be sure our customers are happy, and we’ll use Exponea to help us do so.

    We’re also excited to take advantage of Exponea’s AI-powered capabilities to help us make smarter data-driven decisions.

    If you’re interested in seeing what Exponea can do for your company, request a demo today. We’d be happy to show you how our customer-centric platform can bring you massive impact, faster than expected.

    meet the author
    Jordan Torpy
    Technical CDXP Specialist
    Jordan works closely with the content team and Exponea experts to create material that brings value to readers. With a background in teaching, training, and marketing, Jordan uses case studies, presentations, newsletters and more to illustrate what's possible in the martech world today.

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