How to increase ARPU by 8% in 2 weeks? Use dynamic banners.

Jan BuzaGeneral

You have approximately 10 seconds to catch a web page visitor’s interest, before they decide to buy or not. As if that were not enough, your visitor has a number of different things competing for their attention at any given moment. Your task then is to beat the other stimuli within a very limited time window despite the fact that the person is unlikely to give you their full attention. A tall task indeed, and one we accomplished successfully for a DeliveryHero subsidiary on a project a few months ago.

We identified three key aspects you need to cover if you want to succeed here:

  • Timing
  • Channel
  • Content

1. Make the timing right

Given the time limitation, you need to act pretty fast. On the other hand, the visitor will take a few seconds to comprehend what’s in front of them. In our experience (corroborated by numerous A/B tests), the ideal time is approximately 5 seconds after the page loads. This can differ based on the amount of information and the readability of your website, but as a rule of thumb, your visitor is ready for a second information push after 5 seconds.

2. Choose a proper delivery channel

You can use different channels to communicate with users. You can send them an email, show them a banner, call them, and what not. When it comes to instant purchase decisions, the best thing to do is to show a pop-up banner on top of the page. Not part of the standard design framework of your page, it should be visually attractive and distinguishable from the rest of the page, for the visitor to notice that new information is available.

3. Content is the king

Catching the right moment with the right medium means nothing if you fail to persuade the visitor once you grab their attention. We have tried numerous permutations including discount coupons, calls to action and more. Social proof has been by far the best. You probably would not enter an empty restaurant on a busy street, and you are more likely to buy an item if it is the last piece. So in our case – which was in the food delivery business – we decided to show how many people were looking at the particular restaurant at the moment.



Again, what about the 8% in 2 weeks?

Setting up the campaign with Exponea took no time, and the whole thing was up and running in a few days. The A/B testing phase did take some time, but we were able to identify the best-performing alternative in only 2 weeks.

As expected, the conversion rate was higher when the banner was shown, in fact by 2.5%. This resulted in an average increase of 8.08% in revenue per user. Needles to say, the client was very happy with this result.

What about you? Are you also looking for ways to improve revenues? Try Exponea and our consultants will see to it that you too get results within 2 weeks.