Patterns, correlations and probabilities: A brief guide to how Exponea helps build solid growth systems

Product Apr 05, 2016 Jozo Kovac 1 min read

Exponea is an advanced analytical tool that helps you build predictive models and make right decisions for faster growth. With Exponea, you can find patterns, establish correlations and infer probabilities with enough accuracy to bet on and build a solid growth system for your success.
Unlike other tools, Exponea is an all-in-one platform where you can access multiple functions without having to consult 10 tools. Here are some examples of data that you can access from Exponea, without logging into other platforms:

1. Basic Dashboard with KPIs like Unique Buyers, New Buyers, New Buyers Revenue, Conversion Rate, Cart funnel or Sources of buyers.

exponea analytics dashboard

Key metrics you can find in our Dashboard

Note: We used our own demo jewelry store for our GIFs, but our tool is currently being used by companies with sales worth several tens of millions Euro and tens of thousands monthly orders.

2. Analyses: Trends, Funnels, Reports, Retention, Segmentation, Flows, Geo Analyses & other metrics.

Analyse your data with Custom Reports. Example: UTM source & campaign

3. Automated emails by triggered events

Show different offers to different prospects. Example: Dynamic banner scenario

Show different offers to different prospects. Example: Dynamic banner scenario

4. In-depth data about your customer

Get to know your customers and their interaction with your website.

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Watch a 3 Minute Demo of Exponea in Action