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How Bónusz Brigád increased overall revenue by 4% in 30 days with Exponea

Jul 03, 2019 Jordan Torpy 4 min read

Exponea’s creation of an automated, personalized daily-deal mailer saved 20 man-hours per day and increased revenue by 4% in just 30 days. It also doubled the open rate of the daily mailer and increased the click-through rate by 40%.

Exponea Deliverables

  • Behavioral analytics
  • Email personalization
  • Ideal send time
  • Product Recommendations
  • Dynamic email templates
  • Multi-variant and A/B testing

About Bónusz Brigád

Bónusz Brigád is Hungary’s largest online portal for deals and coupons. Customers can find curated offers at the best price on trips, experiences, courses, products and more. Bónusz Brigád’s wide array of offers and attractive prices have made them a customer favorite for more than eight years.

Because Bónusz Brigád has so many offers, it can be difficult to show the right offer to the right customer at the right time. That’s why Bónusz Brigád teamed up with Exponea: to offer all their customers unique, personalized experiences.

The Situation

For new visitors, a visit to Bónusz Brigád’s homepage can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many options to pick from, it’s easy to induce analysis paralysis and end up with a customer not buying anything at all. In an effort to reduce the number of possibilities a customer is exposed to, Bónusz Brigád sent a “daily-deal” mailer, highlighting a few of the most exciting deals on the site.

The creation of this mailer, however, was no small task. Each mailer required up to 20 man-hours of work across different departments. Due to complex site architecture, the mailers were always built from scratch – no templates were used. And the same mailer was sent to every customer – no personalization involved.

The mailer was effective, but the cost to Bónusz Brigád was high, and they knew they could do better. Enter Exponea. Where some might have seen an expensive mailer that was wasting valuable resources, Exponea saw an opportunity to create a win-win moment for Bónusz Brigád and their customers.

The Hypothesis

Exponea has powerful audience segmentation capabilities, as well as robust AI-powered recommendation models. By combining these two with a dynamic email template, Exponea hoped to achieve the following:

  • Increase revenue due to a greater number of orders
  • Free-up time for employees to spend on more critical areas

With a solid hypothesis in place, and a good potential payoff, it was time to build the daily mailer.

The Implementation

Many companies could help build a simple daily newsletter. But Exponea’s unique combination of customer data platform and powerful execution layers made it possible to go beyond that. Exponea used a wide range of capabilities to build a mailer that would drive results.

Key Mailer Features

  • Behavioral Analytics: The mailing list and the contents of the mailer were adjusted automatically based on customer behavior: their interactions with previous mailers, their behavior on site, their favorite categories, how often they visit, etc.
  • Personalization: Multiple elements of the mailer (including the subject line used and the name in the email) were personalized based on customer data
  • Ideal Send Time: The timing of the mailer was adjusted based on behavioral data of the customer receiving it, so it would arrive in their inbox when they are most likely to open it.
  • Dynamic Email Templates: The contents of the mailer would change according to Bónusz Brigád’s current catalog. Subject lines would automatically adjust based on the value of the deals shown (e.g. certain subject lines were only used when the savings was over a certain amount)
  • Smart Recommendations: The deals shown in the mailer were selected using intelligent algorithms, including location-based recommendations and highest-reviewed recommendations.
  • A/B and Multi-variant testing: Exponea’s built-in testing capabilities were used to see if the new mailer was making an impact.

The Results

The testing period for the new dynamic mailer was thirty days – and in just thirty days, the results were clear. Not only were more people opening and reading their daily mailer – people were placing more orders as well.

The open rate for the mailer increased by 100%, while the click-through rate had a 40% increase – which led to more purchases, creating an overall 4% increase in revenue in just 30 days.

BonuzBrigad also benefited from significant efficiency increases. Because the dynamic mailer replaced the need to create a daily mailer from scratch each time it needed to be sent, Bónusz Brigád was now saving up to 20 man-hours per day. That’s 400 man-hours every month that could now be spent adding additional value for the company. Finally, the dynamic mailer completely removed the marketing team’s  need for third-party IT resources during the creation process.

A win-win situation. Bónusz Brigád increased their revenue and freed up valuable resources, while their customers got better offers and an improved experience – all made possible through Exponea.

If you want to increase revenue, save time, and create better experiences for your customers, then schedule an obligation-free demo of Exponea. See how our solution can fit into your business, and start creating value for you and your customers.

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