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A Full Guide to 50 Chatbot Use Cases for Brands

May 03, 2016 Jan Buza 8 min read

Brace yourselves, long post ahead – it’s a 10 mins read, but of priceless value. We are happy to announce that, exponea.com is the 1st marketing automation platform to be fully integrated with Facebook’s Messenger chatbot. And because we believe in the power of this new feature, we want to share 50 ways of how brands can use it.
With people choosing instant messaging over calls and SMS, and with the development of chat platforms that resemble an office (e.g. Slack) there is no wonder Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook’s Messenger chatbots a key point at the F8 conference. By doing so, he acknowledged what we had long known: messaging is the number one way people are connecting today.
What is more interesting is that people have started using messaging in communicating with brands; many actually prefer a direct, instant message via Facebook messenger to other channels. To support this new trend, Mr. Zuckerberg has made Facebook Messenger an open platform for developers to build new channels allowing brands to start conversations with potential customers – chatbots.
Screen-Shot-2016-04-18-at-3.22.57-PMAccording to eMarketer, messaging app user penetration is projected to exceed 68% by 2019.

What is a chatbot?

Human assistants out, bots in. Even though they do not represent a new concept, they were not in the spotlight until recently.
“Bots can provide anything from automated subscription content like weather and traffic updates, to customized communications like receipts, shipping notifications, and live automated messages all by interacting directly with the people who want to get them,” says David Marcus, VP of Messaging Products.
Chatbots represent a whole new era of human and machine interaction and they will certainly bring sweeping changes to many customer experience programs, especially those offering social customer service. Chatbots can be developed on any conversational platform and many companies, like Facebook, have already seized (or are planning to seize) the opportunity. Other platforms might include: Slack, Zendesk, Skype, Telegram, Kik. The idea behind a chatbot is very simple and powerful: develop a bot which can answer questions or do administrative tasks on your behalf. The tasks and use cases can be numerous and from across categories.
We have prepared a curated list of 50 use cases for bot deployment by brands for you to draw inspiration from.

Chatbot Use Cases


    1. News bot – Sends personalized breaking news or specific stories from a specific website, every day, in a private messenger message.

      techcrunch chatbot

      TechCrunch on Telegram


    2. Story curator bot – Sends curated lists of stories and news, from multiple publishing platforms. (Sequel stories)
    3. Sport Fan bot – Sends news, alerts, live scores, and stats from all major leagues. A publishing company may build this to stay in touch and feed their fans with real live data. (theScore)

Media & Entertainment

    1.  Printing bot – Gives people access to their photo galleries from their messenger app and lets them choose which pictures to print instantly.

      hp chatbot

      HP bot

    2. Movie reservation bot – Gives access to all information about movies, show times, theater locations fast. (Fandango)
    3. Event ticketing bot – Allows people to browse, select and buy tickets for their favourite events. Companies can use such a bot also for sending event maps, updates and parking passes. (StubHub)
    4. Photo editor bot – Lets people edit their pics in the messenger chat right before sharing them with friends. (Fotor)
    5. GIFs & Video bot – Helps people search for or create their own GIFs and videos and send them to messenger friends.


    1. Child health bot – Answers anxious parents’ questions about their kids’ health . The bot can answer up to 100 queries at once and has clear information about thousands of symptoms and illnesses. (a Spanish hospital)


    1. Flower order bot – Allows users to send flowers and gifts through Messenger. The bot can answer live questions, make gifts suggestions, process orders and send shipping updates. (1-800- flowers)
    2. Shopping bot – Allows people to discover and purchase, from the messenger chat, the products they are looking for, from websites all over the world. (Operator)
    3. Personal shopper bot – Speaks to customers to help them effortlessly shop different products within a company.

spring chatbot

Spring bot

    1. Price alerts bot – Allows people to choose their price alerts settings from a large range of options from different websites and then receive alerts about prices going down on their favourite product. (eBAY)
    2. Gift Assistant bot – Helps users pick a gift for a specific occasion and person. It can suggest even specific products on different websites, within a price range.

Customer Service

    1. Live chatbot – Replaces the live chat agent with a bot, safely and at scale. The bot can have multiple responders, automated, reply within the given context, use templates and Call-to-Actions (CTAs). OwnerListens


    1. Health bot – Answers health-related questions, and provides recommendations from accredited doctors. (HealthTap)
    2. Weather bot – Sends real-time local weather forecasts. The reports can be personalized and people can receive push notifications based on weather conditions changes. (Poncho)
    3. Grocery bot – Helps customers pick out and order groceries for the week.
    4. Life advice bot – Similarly to a search engine, provides answers to specific life situations (e.g. changing a flat tire, finding low-cost flight tickets).
    5. Cooking bot – Offers various recipe ideas based on user’s queries and preferences.

cupcake bot on telegram

Cupcake on Telegram


    1. Flight assistant bot – Sends flight documentation – booking information, check-in notification, flight status updates – to users.

    1. Booking bot – Allows people to search, browse and make flight or hotel reservations. (Expedia)
    2. Railway info bot – Gives access to information and updates from a specific railway company or country. It will automatically improve customer support services during busy times. (Great Western Railway)
    3. Taxi bot – Can order a ride with your favourite taxi provider or a larger range of companies.

Fashion & Beauty

    1. Fashion ambassador bot – Informs a fashion brand’s distributors in real time about a new collection and/or latest updates and modifications. (Jean Paul Gaultier/ Issey Miyake)
    2. Make-up bot – Provides make-up advice on products people are asking about in digital channels. It can post tips and tricks from the company’s blog, youtube videos or content on facebook to potential clients. (Max Factor)


    1. Games bot – Helps choose the game people want to play from a large range of games based on personal preferences. (ToyTalk)
    2. Inside app game bot – Allows people to play their favorite game against a machine. (RPS bot)

Finance & Legal

    1. Stock bot – Sends push notifications with live stock quotes of different companies.(Wall Street Journal)
    2. Finance bot – Gives immediate access to updates or alerts about their credit card balance, based on users’ personal preferences and needs. (Bank of America)
    3. Legal assistant – Offers legal assistance, price quotes and other advice to people who are opening a business and who already have one.


    1. Political candidate bot – Answers any question about the candidate, their political program, policies and even personal matters. (Donald Trump)

Food & Restaurants

    1. Food ordering bot – Allows users to order food through their Facebook Messenger and skip the ordering process on the website. (Burger King)
    2. Eat and drink bot – Helps people decide what restaurant or bar to attend according to their preferences and location.

      sure bot on messenger

      Sure bot

Productivity & Business

    1. Sales assistant bot –  Answers sales reps’ questions about his/her results and closed deals, e.g,. “How is my pipeline looking now?”, “How many deals have been closed?” (Salesforce, Lexee bot)
    2. Ticketing bot – Helps companies with their ticketing /client support center. The bot will use the AI power and learn how to reply with contextual answers, automatically. (Zendesk)
    3. Social CRM bot – Enables businesses to tie live chat interactions or social messages with their backend CRM and Ad activities, and thus to have access to holistic customer behaviour reporting.


Want to build a Social CRM bot?

Now it’s possible with Exponea tool.

  1. Meeting scheduling bot – Allows users to schedule a meeting within a team by syncing the calendars of all of people involved. If there is no free time, the bot will make other suggestions.

meekan bot on slack

Meekan on Slack


  1. Staffing bot – Allows clients to directly communicate with their staff. This why they may ask specific questions, to specific people with the staff members. Zingle
  2. HR Personnel Bot – Acts as a virtual employee inside a recruiting company, helping other employees submit timesheets, call in sick, submit vacancies, apply for a job, or request a vacation.
  3. Resume bot – Allows job seekers to submit their CV/resume to potential employers and headhunters.
  4. Bot-builder bot – Empowers people to build intelligent bots. It’s an easier way for companies to start using the bots without extensive knowledge of programming. (Init.ai)
  5. Booking projects bot – Helps specialists and entrepreneurs to get new meetings if someone is approaching them through Facebook Messenger. The bot will send a visual representation of the service, price and conditions.
  6. Virtual agent bot – Answers any question asked on a digital channel. If it cannot find the proper answer, the bot will assign the question to a specific team within the company.
  7. After sale assistant, Cars – Answers all questions (about insurance, service, car features, etc.) clients may have after a sale. (Luigi/Fiat)
  8. Link summarize bot – Scans any link on a platform (e.g., Slack) and sends them all in a file. (Slack)
  9. Organizational culture bot – Helps companies to find out the employee engagement and retention by analyzing employee sentiment. (Slack)
  10. SaaS metrics bot – Sends users the key metrics of their Saas project. The most important metrics are calculated and brought directly to the user in a visual, easy-to-understand way. (Slack)
  11. Google Analytics bot – Sends users a full email report of their analytics from Google. It can answer any question regarding your traffic, leads, e-commerce status. (Slack)
  12. Scrum/stand-up bot  – Sends daily stand-up reminders to teams with 3 simple steps: 1. What did you do yesterday? What are you planning today? Is anything stopping you?

Slack Standup Scrum BotAs a fast-growing company ourselves, we at exponea.com understand how important it is to be where the potential clients are and to spark conversations with them. We are proud to have become the first SaaS platform to offer full integration with Facebook Messenger and a build-your-own-bot feature.
From now on, our clients can, directly in the Exponea tool, build bots that will take care of their brand’s communication in any digital channel for them. Designing multiple scenarios and pre-defining answers according to specific contexts has never been easier.
Here’s your chance to become one the first masterminds in the world to test the power of chatbots.
Ready to build your own?

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