Fashion Week 2018: What Online Retailers Should Know about this Year’s Trends

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Fashion Week 2018

With Fashion Week having just come to a close, the world is anxious to see how the runway affects our clothing selection. New York, London, Milan and Paris – the centers of trend-setting for the fashion industry, captured the imaginations of spectators, media, fashion gurus and buyers from all around the world.

There were plenty of surprises that surfaced this year in the multi-city craze of fashion and some styles that carried over from the previous year.


The colors are set boldly and loudly for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter collections alike, and rightfully so. Designers know what customers want – loads of color!

Want more yellow? The world thirsts for more, lots of yellow, and there is a noticeable increase of the color that flows throughout the well-known brands. If you didn’t get enough of it last year, no problem, you can double down in your wardrobe with the creative use of canary yellow and acid yellow. This trend seems to state that if you wish to wear yellow, be proud and make it loud!

Fashion Week 2018

Other amazing colors that were frequented on the runway were grassy green, raspberry, royal blue and plum. Glaring colors to show off on everything from skirts to flowy evening gowns, this is the year to make a statement that sings with bright colors, at full volume. Now is the time to show your radiant side, rather than shy away from it – flirt with those colors!

In London, the palette was fueled by the clashing of purples and pink with oranges and browns, beaming with the inset of patchwork and patterns on display that really seemed to set the styles off with a pop.

In addition to Fashion Week, Pantone announced the official color of 2018, and it’s ultra-violet! The Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, Leatrice Eiseman, told the Times that this particular shade of purple “communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking”. A sophisticated color, for sure, but it appears to be a tone of purple that can be used with everyday fashion.

Whether a formal engagement or a simple walk around the city on the weekend, there seems to be amazing uses for this year’s color scheme. So, indulge.


The style stretching from brand to brand included loose fitting and modest looks. The shapes and cuts – drapingly long and unrevealing coverage from floor-to-neck. Although modest, there seems to be a certain underlying elegance that accompanies the look.

Fashion Week 2018

The 2018 collection offers nuances of feeling unrestrained and confident in long-fitting and humble apparel. This is the year of covered necklines and loose fitting forms. Perfect for the Spring but don’t hesitate to show a bit more skin in the Summer while staying true to the colors. Comfort and confidence seem to go well together, the cut you choose can offer both.

Patterns and Prints

Though the theme this year seems to highlight vivid and active colors, there are some areas to allow for some extensions of personal flair, with striking patterns and prints.

Whether it’s patchwork or patterns, you can really exaggerate your own style and set off the outfit with some uniqueness. You have the option of going with some of your favorite patterns – stripes, floral, polka dots and checkers – all still in the rotation. They can be worn to either dominate the outfit or be used to just simply complement it.

Fashion Week 2018

Candy stripes, floral patterns of the ‘60s, rainbows and logos still have their place in the Spring/Summer collection. Whatever your preference, there seems to be something in the lineup for all to take advantage of.

Enjoy the 2018 fashion collections and allow them to express who you truly are!

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