Exponea Roadmap Q4 2017

Product Oct 02, 2017 Jozo Kovac 1 min read

We believe in full-stack marketing. Using adtech and martech (referring to customer-centric database marketing over direct channels) together, we’ve optimized full-stack marketing. Exponea has two major strategic goals which are focused on simultaneously. First, is to create a marketing cloud that empowers people to create omni-channel campaigns. The second, is to develop marketing A.I. that optimizes performance and allows people to focus on creativity.

To continue with further developments within Exponea, we have selected the following as our top priorities for the final quarter of the year.
Product features

  • Launch web personalization studio (visual editor of connected websites).
  • Improve Email Designer (fonts, blocks, domains, ESPs, recommendations).
  • Help e-commerce to better manage inventory, avoid understocking and overstocking.

Security & Compliance

  1. Ensure that Exponea customers will become GDPR compliant in 2018.
  2. Improve the data API to enable higher level of integration and permission control.
  3. ISO27001 certification / done


  • Add more prediction and recommendation templates.
  • Implement automatic selection of the best recommendation engine.
  • Enable fully A.I.-driven campaigns that match email offers and customers.

Ad tech

  • Improve AdTech management features (integrated reporting, management and A.I.).
  • Google DoubleClick integration (another DSPs on demand).


  • Increase frontend performance (finish migration from Angular1 to Angular4+).
  • Deploy improvements to automation engine that boost reliability and performance.
  • Regular product feedback sessions with consultants and customers to improve UI/UX.

We have set the bar very high and are continuously pushing ourselves to new milestones. We will increase frontend performance and continue the development of our automation which can simplify very complex systems . We will put further emphasis on regular product feedback sessions with consultants and customers to improve UI/UX. This means that the full-stack marketing of Exponea is always improving so that we may better serve clients and push the limits of what is possible.

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