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Exponea Rises to Every Occasion

Product May 08, 2018 David Miller 3 min read

The Exponea team is celebrating further accomplishment. Rising to meet new challenges seems to be the trend in the marketing automation and real-time data analytics company. With a trail of features, awards, and recognitions in the team’s wake, ambitions only seem to run higher than ever before.
As of recently, Exponea was featured as the second fastest growing private SaaS company of 2017. The company was able to rank highly among companies that started with $1m+ in ARR and was able to show remarkable growth, year over year, according to LATKA100. This was no small feat, but the team worked hard to expand the capabilities and their offices throughout Europe, over a short period of time. This has had a positive effect on the overall growth of Exponea, the ability to reach new customers and, ultimately, its bottom line.
Nathan Latka, with over 3.5 million listeners on his podcast, is the man behind the LATKA100 list. He has the no.1 ranked podcast for startups and is able to get CEOs to disclose financials that others would struggle with obtaining, and it’s all done in such a candid manner. Nathan, himself an entrepreneur, is an icon of success. He truly understands what the software industry is all about.

“The smartest entrepreneurs are listening to this podcast.” – Inc.

The CEO of Exponea, Peter Irikovsky was invited onto the podcast back in November for a quick sit down with Nathan. Together, they covered topics ranging from business activities and raising funds to expansion and net retention. The format of the podcast could be described as fast and efficient. It was quite an honor for the Exponea team to be represented on Latka’s podcast.

Behind every great company there is a great team

In order to reach great heights, you need great support. Exponea is no exception to this rule and prides itself on the ability to retain the quality of employees that it does. It is impossible to appreciate what the company has been capable of doing and the acknowledgements that it has received without saluting the talented team that has become the driving force.
Each individual has been specifically selected to work for Exponea for a variety of reasons. Management within the company has a knack for filling positions with progressive and like-minded people who want to accomplish great things, together. While doing this the leaders have never lost sight of the company culture that was instilled during its inception, and the challenge continues in maintaining it.
Collectively, it seems that the team is a tight unit that moves together in synchronicity to face challenges. Individually, the members are made up of highly intelligent souls who excel in their respective fields and are able to think passed the sometimes hectic work life that each endures. The drive really needs to come from within, when reaching for the stars.
Strong emphasis is applied to all who work for Exponea to continue developing skills that will serve both the individual and the company well. The employees are joining to be part of a team, a movement and a legacy that believes in empowerment.
“Personal growth is a paramount topic in Exponea and it shows. After a few months with the company, any Exponean gets a budget worth one month’s salary to spend on the education of their choosing, per year. We have frequent voluntary trainings, experience sharing sessions, and sessions with CEO-level coach, Ivo, which are available to any Exponean.” – Luna Shirley.
“I remember the day when I decided to be a front-end engineer and now I have such great support at Exponea, on a daily basis”, Stano Kucharik, who wrote about his experience and how Exponea impacts his daily life and how to not be afraid of new opportunities.
Exponea offers a platform in which the employees are able to seek wisdom from specialists, various trainings, and from within the group itself. Clearly, it is making an impact and creating the desired effect.
One of the biggest challenges
It’s not easy to continuously attract the best talent in the world to a young company. Exponea decided that success in this area would be more easily obtainable by offering shares, knowledge development and transparency within the company, among all employees. The team members get everything they want, in order to help them excel in their roles.
Tomas Gliviak is a perfect example of someone who studied abroad and joined Exponea for a prime opportunity to improve upon his skills and get more experience. “Exponea is a great match to those people who want to work with talented people, specialists, and still share achieved knowledge within the company and my home country.”
There are plenty of opportunities for people who want to grow. Several times people were brought on for a specific position and moved to a higher position with more responsibility, after proving their true skills were above and beyond what were shown on paper. Exponea’s HR team is always searching for talented people to join the movement!

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