Exponea Product Roadmap Q3 2018

Product Jul 23, 2018 Jozo Kovac 2 min read

Within the Q3 2018, Exponea Experience Cloud enters the next stage of its evolution by taking on several new, highly impactful initiatives across the whole application. In order to be fully transparent, we would like to share with you our plan as well as our reasoning behind it.

Also, if you are interested in what we’ve managed to do within the first half of the year, be sure to read about our progress in Roadmap Retrospective: Q1 & Q2 2018.


The research shows that our clients spend significant amount of time in the Campaigns module and we believe that better planning and collaboration tools can increase their productivity and overall value delivered by Exponea.

  • Better campaigns overview dashboards
  • Improve planning and collaboration features to drive user engagement in Campaigns
  • Add two specific response attribution models: onsite and acquisition
  • Resolve any remaining issues that could possibly cause campaigns lags


Exponea is historically strong in real-time analytics and we keep investing into scalability of our platform. Peta-byte scale analytics on top of Google Big Query means that no data are too big for us.

  • Scale real-time insights beyond tens of billions of events on private instances
  • Add at least one new analysis into Analytics module
  • Improve BigQuery SQL based peta-byte scale DWH features
  • Improve Inventory Management: Dynamic pricing, Stock optimisation integrated with Campaigns

Data Pipeline

Scaling and reliability are two key focus areas for Data Pipeline.

  • Identify and resolve any bottlenecks that could cause lags in data processing (e.g. import throughput, merge performance)
  • Improve anonymisation API throughput

Application & Ecosystem

Enterprise-grade security for all e-commerce clients.

  • Implement Single Sign On (SSO) feature to better secure access to the platform
  • Add Two-Steps & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Add new integrations based on customer feedback

Artificial Intelligence

We would like to empower our clients by providing them with extensive capabilities in predictive analytics. New features in predictive analytics enable novel use-cases (e.g. what’s future customer value? what segments will they belong to?). New interactive end-user interface will improve customer experience on client sites.

  • Add multi-label prediction models and templates
  • Add regression models and templates
  • Interactive visual end-user interface to enable better user experience and to get rich data for building even better models

User Experience and Usability

We’ll focus on making the user experience smooth for executives and managers.

  • Add CxO dashboards
  • Obsessive bug hunt, polishing to improve usability and app cleanliness


Our strong focus on stability, scalability, and security from Q1-Q2 could have created an illusion of slower innovation in Exponea and we did a lot of work that wasn’t directly seen by our clients, but within Q3 we have several highly visible challenges in front of us.
We also want to create a customer advisory team to help us focus on updates and challenges which you care about the most. If you are interested in shaping the future of Exponea, please let us know.

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