Exponea hits the road

Juraj HornyGeneral

Exponea has taken its full-stack marketing cloud message on the road, joining several professional events in Europe and Australia.

“We’ve fielded questions ranging from ‘what is a marketing cloud’ to the more mundane ‘where are your offices?’” said Michal Novovesky. “And of course we had some many more technical discussions about eCommerce specifics and how Exponea works.”

He pointed out that these questions – whether fielded in Europe or Australia –  show that there is still a global lack of knowledge about what a marketing cloud is and can do. Secondly, they show that although eCommerce firms live or die in the online world, they still want to know that a real person can help them as the need arises.

The goal at each conference was to raise visibility of the Exponea marketing cloud and to connect with potential clients.

“The market may look like it is dominated by a few big players, but there are some huge unmeet needs that Exponea is designed to fill,” Michal added.

The three events were Seamless in Australia, TeCoMM in Romania and Rethinking Digital Marketing in London, a cooperation between jStern and Exponea.

Seamless in Australia

As one of the primary marketing conferences in Australia, the three Seamless agendas covered the worlds of payments, e-commerce and retail. Yes, this is Exponea’s natural element. While munching on Exponea popcorn, attendees got a look at how a full-stack marketing can make their lives simpler and more effective.

Charging ahead with TeComm in Romania

With the reportedly fastest broadband in Europe, Romania is not in the technological backwater. Its online marketers are striving to transfer this speed into online success. Jakub Minks spoke at the countries largest eCommerce event about how to simplify the digital marketing toolkit and get positive ROI in weeks.

Rethinking it over in London

Exponea jointly organized “RETHINKING DIGITAL MARKETING – HOW LEADERS BUILD COMMUNICATION IN THE ERA OF NOW” with jStern. Exponea CEO Peter Irikovsky joined the panel discussion on technology trends. The event was targeted at a higher level than the typical marketer with its look at technology trends. Two hot issues were problems in the attribution models of online marketing and customer acceptance of customized contents in an era of increased regulation.