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    Why Every Online Company Should Implement Exponea as its Marketing Solution?

    Jan 09, 2018 David Miller 2 min read

    The world of online marketing has made huge leaps forward with the use of AI. E-commerce now has the tools to hit their targeted customers, every time. The companies that implement automation to personalized campaigns are able to exceed their own expectations.

    It’s very rare, but occasionally a company comes along and completely makes sense. One such case would be Exponea, an e-commerce cloud. Better yet, it is an AI-powered e-commerce toolkit that turns business data into action. Let’s cover that in terms we can all truly grasp. Many companies have used the “one size fits all” approach to marketing campaigns, both online and offline. Meaning, an advertisement campaign that is focused on the masses rather than individuals. What Exponea is offering is much different. With online customers, companies gather boatloads of data which can be studied and analyzed in a way that tells a story.

    What kind of story, you ask?

    Well, let’s break it down. A customer develops habits, such as a preferred styles, fit, brand, time of day to shop, etc. In these cases, Exponea is listening and learning. These deep insights are absolutely invaluable in creating marketing campaigns, critical for the e-commerce world.

    Customer-centric AI is deployed in these campaigns in, not only understanding what the customer purchased in the past, but has now learned a valuable lesson in each individual’s preferences for the future. What? Yes, a machine can understand what you want. I know, it sounds a bit sci-fi, but it really exists. It’s safe to say that this can be seen as the ultimate marketing solution for e-commerce. Let’s go even further and say that it is the “must-have” solution for online business growth.

    Now, we can talk about what Exponea does, in further detail. The company prides itself on being able to understand and process massive sums of data. With this data an e-shop now has more fire power with personalized marketing campaigns that speak more specifically to each online shopper. This means the e-shop user will only get suggestions that are, actually, relevant to them. In short, it is a data-driven customer experience. Wow, right? I know, it sounds way too good to be true. It is indeed very true.

    I know that this seems like it must be an extremely heavy burden on an e-commerce IT department. Quite the contrary, it is very simple, and free of heavy IT. Consultants work closely with e-commerce to set up the installation and apply use cases during the pilot period to achieve ROI. The marketing department is able to take over with the Exponea tool after the integration is complete. This means that the IT department is finished in a relatively short period.

    Okay, let’s recap a bit here, in simple words. Exponea takes your current customers that buy products on your e-commerce site and makes them feel exceedingly satisfied by realizing that your company understands them. In doing so, the customer says “thank you” by purchasing more, driving your revenue skyward. Exponea converts visitors into shoppers, meaning they are now purchasing products, as well.  

    Implementing the tool is decidedly simplified and very light work on an IT department. From that point on, you have a tool that monetizes data with AI. With real-time analytics and automation, Exponea is the primary weapon in online retail solutions.

    So, let’s all ask ourselves that one very uncomfortable, yet unavoidable question. How many tools are being used in my company that Exponea can do alone and well?

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