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    Ebuyer revamps customer communications with Exponea

    Product May 21, 2018 David Miller 1 min read

    We have been selected by Ebuyer *, the UK’s largest independent online retailer of computer and electrical goods to refresh the company’s customer communications strategy.

    Our customer data & experience platform replaced incumbent providers Experian and Cheetah-Mail, following a competitive tender process which included several leading marketing platforms. Key differentiators came down to ease of use and extensive platform capabilities. Exponea will provide analytics, behavior tracking, social media retargeting, marketing automation and personalised customer communications for Ebuyer, which has four million registered customers and a workforce of over 250 staff.

    Exponea’s powerful analytics tools will enable eBuyer to make well informed business decisions around product listings and commercial priorities. The platform will also help the company to develop a single customer view, enabling real-time 1:1 targeted messaging, promotions of products and special offers to drive sales.

    Andy Roberts, Director of E-Commerce, Ebuyer comments:

    “We were looking for a provider that could deliver both flexibility and highly effective marketing campaigns to our rapidly growing customer base. Exponea’s powerful communications platform and predictive analytics capabilities were the perfect fit for our business and will enable us to deliver personalised and high-quality experiences to all our customers.”

    Jason Smith, Strategic Accounts Director, exponea.comments:

    “Ebuyer has maintained its position as the premier computer and electrical goods provider by constantly striving to deliver the finest services to its customers. We are thrilled to be helping the company in the next stage of its journey, with our platform powering its continued sales growth, enabling the company to offering outstanding customer experiences.”

    *Please note that the ebuyer.com website is only accessable from selected countries.

    eBuyer and Exponea

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